Horizon Zero Dawn Parts Alone Trial - How to Remove Canisters from Grazers

Parts Alone is a hunting trial in Horizon Zero Dawn. It’s available at the Nora Hunting Grounds, the first one you find. It requires you to remove 10 canisters from grazers’ backs. In order to get a blazing sun medal on it, you’ll have to do it in less than a minute and a half. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to complete Horizon Zero Dawn Parts Alone trial and get a blazing sun.

How to get blazing sun in Parts Alone trial

Ideally, if you’re already deep in the game, you’ll have the Shadow Sharpshot Bow and Tearblast arrows. That’s the best combo for this trial. If not, use any sharpshot bow, along with arrows that cause the most tear. No matter which combination you use, craft all the arrows you can and take your time while aiming. Rushing will only make it all take longer.

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Start the trial and approach the zipline. Scan the grazers below to mark them. Use the zipline and hide in the tall grass. If you have the tearblast arrows and the fancy bow, start taking shots at the canisters on their backs – one arrow per grazer should do it, and you only need to kill three.

If you’re underequipped, you should shoot each of them only once – this will alert them, but won’t make them hostile. After that, shoot the first one again, and the herd will run to a different spot. Run into another patch of tall grass, and repeat the process.

Once you’re done, climb the cliff and talk to the quest giver. He’ll hand you a Nora Blazing Sun reward box, and you’ll get 5000 XP as well. Sadly, if you repeat the trial, you won’t be rewarded again – the spoils are a one-time thing.

how to get blazing sun on parts alone trial
Parts Alone Hunting Trial

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