Horizon Zero Dawn Power Cell Locations - Got the Shield-Weaver Outfit Trophy

Power cells are mysterious items in Horizon Zero Dawn. There are only five of them in the game, and they’re pretty difficult to obtain. Once you’ve got them, you can take them to a certain bunker and use them to solve a couple of puzzles. When you do, you’ll get the UltraWeave armor set, which is one of the best outfits in the game. You’ll also unlock the Got the Shield-Weaver Outfit trophy. In this guide, we’re going to show you all Horizon Zero Dawn power cell locations.

horizon zero dawn power cell locations
Horizon Zero Dawn Power Cell Locations Ultra Shield-Weaver Armor

Where to find power cells in Horizon Zero Dawn

The first one is hidden in the ruins you fell into when you were a child. The second can be found during the Womb of the Mountain quest. The third is in the Maker’s End quest, while the fourth is obtained during the Grave-hoard mission. The final one is hidden in the frozen facility of GAIA Prime, accessible in The Mountain That Fell mission.

Power Cell #1

You can find the first power cell fairly early in the game. You’ll have to revisit the Ruins that you fell into as a child. Find the green marker on the map and head over there. The entrance into the ruins is a hole in the ground. Drop down carefully to the first level.

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The path through the ruins is fairly straightforward. It’s highly unlikely that you’ll lose your way. At one point, you’ll go down a flight of stairs. The road ahead might seem blocked, but all you have to do is approach one of the doors. The game will then prompt you to pry the door open, and you can continue on your way. As you go on, you’ll find a room or two blocked off by stalactites. Just bash your way through to collect the resources in the room.

Head back up another flight of stairs, continue forward into the next hallway, and turn right. You’ll see another room with a stalactite-covered doorway. Smash your way inside, and you’ll find the power cell sitting on a table. It’s marked by a green item icon, you can’t miss it.

Power Cell #2

Womb of the Mountain is a main story quest, right after The Proving. A little after the mission starts, you’ll come across a door with a switch that you can open, so go ahead. There;s nothing to find behind it, so go and open the next door. You’ll find yourself in a large room with some kind of ornamental structure in the middle. The next door is straight ahead, but you want to go to the right first.

You’ll come across a sealed holo-lock that you can’t open. However, if you look to your left, you’ll notice a pretty wide vent with candles inside. Follow it all the way and you’ll be on the other side of the door. The power cell is lying right there on the floor, again marked by the green icon.

Power Cell #3

You can find this power cell during the Maker’s End quest. During the course of this mission, you’ll have to climb up a very tall building. Once you reach the top, the game will tell you: “Search Faro’s Office for information about Dr. Sobeck.” When you reach that point, don’t just proceed forward. Instead, turn around, and you’ll see a climbable wall behind you. Climb all the way up. The power cell is waiting for you on the ground right there at the top. Once you collect it, just rappel down and continue on your way.

Power Cell #4

This one can be found during the The Grave Hoard quest. As you explore around the Grave-Hoard, at one point, you’ll have to solve an elaborate puzzle with three holo-lock sets. Once you figure this one out, go to the newly-opened area on the third floor of the “dungeon”. Climb up the ladders and you’ll be right there. Once inside the hallway, look left and you’ll find a door with a holo-lock. Open it, and collect the power cell inside the room.

Power Cell #5

You can grab this one during The Mountain That Fell quest, while exploring the derelict GAIA Prime facility. While you’re searching the ruins for the master override, you’ll have to rappel from a steel beam in a vast cave. When you reach the bottom, don’t go down the wreckage. Instead, turn around and climb up the cliff. When you reach the top, you’ll see a faint purple light coming from a tunnel. Enter it and go all the way to the end. The cell will be on a shelf at the end of the tunnel.

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  1. N

    I tried to go back (after completing) to makers end to get power cell and it was blocked off.

    1. K

      Shouldn’t be. I went back well after completing Maker’s End and was able to get it. There’s a crevice you’ll need to go through (look for a button prompt).

      1. J
        Josh Keil

        There’s the crevice but once inside there’s the scanning wall which doesn’t activate after doing the quest any way to get past it

  2. J

    Accidentally sold. can i get it back ?

  3. C

    The second cell, if i didnt Get it through the quest Can i get it somehow else

  4. A

    Do you need all five power cells to complete the quest?

  5. T
    That Anonymous Guy

    can someone please help me as the first gate that u need to enter mother’s watch is closed and i tried everything to open it but it’s still closed. can someone please help me. im lvl 25 and i am at the fifth last main mission. anyone have the same situation?

    1. M
      Matthew E Baker

      go when its dark the gate will be open

      1. W

        Even when its dark the gate doesn’t open

        1. E

          Cross the bridge, then come back. Should be open

          1. M

            I’ve tried all of the above, and it doesn’t work. Wait till dark, no. Run across the bridge then back to the gate, no. Do it when it’s dark, no. Ride a mount up the right side, no. The invisible wall will not let me through. Soooooo, what else? They should have put at least one or two more power cells in this game if you can’t go back for that one. Not very good planning, if you ask me. Or, even if you don’t.

    2. K
      Kenneth Taylor

      Saw a solution. My gate was locked also. You have to ride a mount up the rocks to the right side of the gate jump off the mount and that gets you past the invisible wall. Stay on the right edge of the cliff and follow it until you get over the gate leading into the mountain. Drop in from the top between the gate and the mountain. Then you should be able to work your way out and enter through the door. There is a video online to show you how.

  6. M

    Useless bloody guide. How about the names of the dang dungeons? Not where the quest was! Where the heck is the makers end dungeon? Thanks for absolutely nothing.

    1. M

      Maker’s End is also the name of the location.

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