Horizon Zero Dawn Skills - Prowler, Brave & Forager Abilities

Skills are special abilities that help you improve your character in Horizon Zero Dawn. You can upgrade them by leveling up and earning skill points. The skill tree consists of three categories – prowler, brave and forager. Each of these categories helps you develop a certain kind of talent. In this guide, we’re going to show you all Horizon Zero Dawn skills.

horizon zero dawn skills
Horizon Zero Dawn skills
The skills in the first row all cost 1 skill point. The ones in the second row are 2 points each, while those in the third and fourth rows cost 3 points to unlock.

Prowler skills

Investing in the prowler skill tree will make you a better hunter. It will improve your sneaking and the ability to strike silently from the shadows.

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Silent Strike: Perform a silent takedown on small machines and humans, or deal high damage to medium enemiesHunter Reflexes: Time slows while aiming during a jumpSilent Drop: Landing from a fall or jump is completely silent
Strike From Above: Silently drop and take down small enemies, or deal high damage to medium enemiesBalanced Aim: Use ranged weapons when balancing on ropesLow Profile: Reduce visibility when crouching
Strike From Below: Perform silent takedown when hanging below humansStrong Strike: Increase strike attack damage by 15%Dodge Prowess: Adds long/short dodge roll ability
Leader Strike: Perform silent takedown on heavy and elite human enemiesStrong Strike +: Increase strike attack damage by 30%Quiet Sprint: Sprinting is silent

Brave skill tree

The talents in the Brave category will help you become a better warrior. They unlock additional combat techniques, increase your damage and make you a stronger fighter.

Concentration: Slow down time while aimingCritical Hit: Perform a high damage attack on downed enemiesPrecision: Light spear attacks have higher chance to knock off parts
Heavy Lifter: Move faster when wielding heavy weaponsCritical Hit +: Critical hits do more damagePrecision +: Same as above, with even higher chance
Concentration +: Increases max amount of concentrationDouble Shot: Add another arrow to each shotKnock Down: Heavy spear attacks will knock down machines faster
Fast Reload: Faster reload when using concentrationTriple Shot: Add another arrow to each shotFighting Back: Heavy spear attacks do more damage when your HP is low

Forager abilities

The final skill tree is all about healing, scavenging and helping you survive in the wilderness. You can improve your override skill here, learn how to get more resources or increase your healing pouch capacity.

Lure Call: Bait enemies to your positionHealer: Increased healing speedGatherer: Gain more resources when foraging
Combat Override: Increases override duration by 50%Herbalist: Doubles the capacity of the medicine pouchScavenger: Get more resources when looting machines
Combat Override +: Infinite override durationDisarm Traps: Traps and tripwires can be disarmed and reusedAmmo Crafter: Get more ammo when crafting
Call Mount +: Calls a new overriden mount when you don’t have oneTinker: Weapon coils and outfit weaves can be removed and reusedScavenger +: Get even more resources when looting machines
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