Horizon Zero Dawn Vantage Point Locations - All Vantages Found Trophy

Collecting vantage points is one of the side activities you can do in Horizon Zero Dawn. They are strewn all across the world map, mostly in high places. They show you a glimpse of what life was like before. In this guide, we’ll show you where to find vantage points in Horizon Zero Dawn, how to get all twelve of them, etc.

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Horizon Zero Dawn Where to Find Vantage Points
Where to Find Vantage Points – Horizon Zero Dawn

Set 1 Vantage Point Locations Horizon Zero Dawn

To find the first vantage point in this set, head northwest from the Level 15 Corrupted Zone in the southeastern corner of the world map. Take the left road at the fork, and eventually, you’ll see a large rocky formation on the hill on the right. On the eastern side of that formation there’s a small ledge about halfway up. If you’re having trouble finding it, you can walk around the rocks while scanning. You’ll find a supply box up there. Approach it from the left, it’s not hard to reach. This is the Air Academy vantage point. Note that all vantage points are marked with blueish-purple icons.

The second vantage point in this set is called Colorado Springs, and it’s near Devils Thirst. More specifically, it’s to the northeast of the Devil’s Thirst map marker. After you cross the river over a log, there’s a very tall skyscraper on the right. Go inside and search around for a yellow-marked ledge you can climb up. Follow the trail of yellow ledges and screws all the way up to the vantage point. Be patient, take your time and always look around for the next yellow point. Most of these are similar platforming puzzles; once you master them, they’ll all go easily.

Time for the third one in the set. Go northwest from the Devil’s Thirst bandit camp. As you walk down the road, keep an eye open for a small, vertical rock pillar on the right. Walk around it up the hill from the northeast. Use the narrow rocks jutting out to jump to the top. Hit R3 when you reach the vantage point to see what the museum looked like.

Head to the campfire southeast from the Two Teeth camp. Head west and look for a sign that shows you the way to Daytower. Daytower is to the right. Go that way a few steps and look left. You’ll see a grassy path into the mountain, so go that way. When you reach the point where the snow begins, turn around. You’ll notice a small ledge that you can climb. Head up there to the vantage point.

Where to find Set 2 Vantage Points

The first one of this set, called Eagle Canyon, is near Meridian. Go to the south Meridian gate and head north. Just before you pass the first glowing pillars, approach the cliff on your left. You’ll find a place that you can climb. The Vantage point is on the very top. At one point, about half the way up, you’ll have to jump to the right to continue climbing.

Next up is the Monument Valley vantage point. Go east from Sunstone Rock and after you pass the last watchtower on the right, go to the cliff on the right side of the road. You’ll notice that you can climb it. Head all the way up until you reach a rope. Zip line down to the vantage point.

This vantage point is actually a vista overlooking Sunfall, in the mountains to the east of the city. The easiest way to get there is from the east of the mountains, so start from the campfire located nearby. The vantage point is straight to the west from there. However, you’ll have to jump up the mountain until you reach the top where it is. Start by going slightly to the right from the campfire and find your way up. When you find the first plateau, turn left and keep climbing. The point is called Bryce Orbital.

The last one in this set is Lake Powell. This Vantage point is north from Brightmarket, across the lake, on the easternmost finger. There’s a campfire just north of it, so you can fast travel there. There’s a Snapmaw site nearby, so be careful. From the campfire, take a few steps to the left of the cliff. You’ll notice one part that you can climb. Just look out for the rocks jutting out of the cliff that are a lighter color that the rest of it. Follow that trail of rocks up and to the left of the cliff until you reach an alcove of sorts. Head left and climb up the rest of the cliff. From there, cross the rope and climb all the way up. That’s where the vantage point is.

Vantage Point Set 3 Locations

The first vantage point in Set 3 is called Faro Automated Solutions, and it’s near Maker’s End. More specifically, in the far northwest of the map, south of the Corrupted Zone there. There’s a campfire to the north of the vantage point, so best to start from there. Head south through the Shell-walker site and up the mountain to the first plateau. Look up, and you should see a rappel point above you. The vantage point is above it. Reaching it is a little more difficult, since the climbing path might be hard to notice. Approach the rock from the northwest, and you’ll spot the place where you can go up. You’ll have to climb around the stone pillar until you reach the top. Keep your eyes peeled for the next climbable spot, and make your way up patiently.

The next one is called King’s Peak. It’s near The Mountain That Fell. It’s in the far north of the map, west from the northernmost Ruins. Use campfire travel to get to the nearest campfire. From there cross the river. Follow the river all the way until you reach a waterfall. Beware of the enemies around. inspect the cliff to the left of the waterfall, and you’ll see yellow screws sticking out, allowing you to climb up to the first plateau. Find the next yellow climb point, and head up again, all the way to the top. From there, hug the left side of the mountains until you spot the climbable wall. Go all the way up, and you’ll reach the vantage point.

Next up is the Sterling-Malkeet Amphitheater, and it’s in the corrupted zone west of Devils Grief, near the mountains. Travel to the campfire west of that corrupted zone, and we’ll start from there. Head to the east, and you’ll find a low wall. The Vantage point is right over that wall on the far right, but the area is swarming with enemies. You’ll have to kill them all, since the vantage point isn’t on high ground this time. After you’ve dispatched them, head back up the short stone stairs and visit the vantage point.

To find this one, Denver Stadium, head to a very tall ruined building to the east and slightly north of Devil’s Grief. Inside, you’ll see a platform with two torches. Once you climb up on them, you’ll spot the huge yellow screws sticking out of the construction. Follow their trail of yellow screws and ledges until you reach the vantage point. During the platforming segment, you’ll have to walk across the beam. Use the rappel point (large branch with yellow rope) for orientation.

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