Immortals Fenyx Rising Observatory's Constellation Puzzle Solution

Blurry Vision is one of the early main quests in Immortals Fenyx Rising. In order to complete it, you’ll have to complete a constellation puzzle at the the Observatory. It’s a new type of myth challenge, and you might have trouble wrapping your head around it. This is precisely why we’ve decided to write our Immortals Fenyx Rising Observatory’s Constellation puzzle solution guide.

immortals fenyx rising observatory constellation challenge puzzle solution
Immortals Fenyx Rising Observatory’s Constellation Puzzle Solution

Observatory Constellation myth challenge – Blurry Vision quest

In order to complete the challenge, you’ll have to find four blue orbs and place them in front of the picture in the correct order. Finding them is most of the trouble – the order is revealed by the picture itself.

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You’ll find the first two by going up the stairs and to the left. Pull the level and quickly run up the ramp and over the wall, then into the room with the orb. Take it, and place it into the receptacle nearby. This will open the gate to the next room, where you’ll find another orb. Grab the second orb and bring it to the board, then go back for the first one.

For the third orb, you should go up the stairs and to the right. Stand on the pressure plate to unlock the braziers above the door, then use the guided arrow to light them. Grab the orb from the room once the red barrier is gone, and bring it to the board.

fenyx rising observatory challenge

The last orb is in the building to the right of the third one, the one with barrs blocking the entrance. Go to the side and break through the weak wall, then push the metal box and the orb will drop down. Take it back to the board and place it in the correct spot, and you’ll get a new pair of wings.

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