Return Odysseus's Ship Home in Immortals Fenyx Rising - Do Hero Things

Immortals Fenyx Rinsing Return Odysseus’s Ship Home is a step during the Go Do Hero Things quest that Athena gives you. To complete it, you have to find Odysseus’s Ship and put it in front of a statue that doesn’t already have a boat. Now, figuring out where to find the ship is not too difficult; however, finding the right statue can be a bit of a problem. The game doesn’t tell you where it is, so you have to figure it out for yourself. Or, you know, just keep reading our Return Odysseus’s Ship Home in Immortals Fenyx Rising – Do Hero Things guide.

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return odysseuss ship home in immortals fenyx rising do hero things
Return Odysseus’s Ship Home in Immortals Fenyx Rising – Do Hero Things

Where to Find Odysseus’s Ship in Immortals Fenyx Rising Go Do Hero Things Quest

To find Odysseus’s Ship in the Go Do Hero Things quest in Immortals Fenyx Rising, look to the east from the stele of Odysseus. You’ll spot a large horse-head statue, and that’s where you need to go. Fly over there, and go to the base of the statue. Specifically, you need to go to the back of the statue, and you’ll see a button. Press it, and a bunch of enemies will spawn. You are going to have to clear them out in order to proceed in peace. Once you dispatch the baddies, climb up the horse’s neck, and there’s the little ship. That brings us to our next point…

How to Solve Odysseus’s Ship Puzzle in Go Do Hero Things quest in Immortals Fenyx Rising

To solve the puzzle with the Odysseus’s Ship puzzle in the Immortals Fenyx Rising Go Do Hero Things quest, you have to place it in front of the correct statue. There’s a number of statues in the vicinity, but they all have ships. So, here’s what you do. From the top of the horse statue, look straight ahead. You’ll see two statues and a cyclops on the adjacent island. The statue on the left is where you need to take the ship. Therefore, use the charged throw and chuck the ship across the water.

Make your way over to where you threw the ship. Now, you can either defeat the cyclops, or throw the ship again towards the statue and then sneak around. Either way, all you need to do is put the ship onto the little platform in front of the statue, and you’re done!

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