Injustice 2 How to Get Diamond & Platinum Mother Box

Mother boxes are loot crates in Injustice 2. There are several rarities, with different kinds of rewards – diamond and platinum are the rarest ones. They’re guaranteed to contain epic gear, so you should always aim to collect as many as possible. As you’d expect, they’re pretty hard to obtain. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to get diamond & platinum mother boxes in Injustice 2, so you can get more epic items for your favorite characters.

injustice 2 how to get diamond platinum mother box
Injustice 2 diamond & platinum mother box

How to earn platinum & diamond mother box

The thing about these rare loot containers is that, unlike the low level ones, you can’t buy them using credits. You’ll get them for completing the story, so that should be your first order of business. After that, you should check out the Multiverse challenges and objectives. They rotate daily, and the harder ones sometimes offer diamond and platinum mother boxes as rewards. Just make sure you check every day, and inspect the rewards before you take on the challenge.

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Another way to look for these is by doing the Endless Battles – you can access them via the Battle Simulator in the Multiverse screen. They get progressively harder as you push onwards, but the rewards get better as well. If you survive long enough, you might end up with a fancy mother box. Rumor has it that you’ll get a platinum box for fifty victories, while the diamond box is locked behind the 100th fight. We haven’t been able to verify this, so take it with a grain of salt.

Don’t push yourself too hard, and be patient. The rare loot boxes aren’t meant to be farmed, and there’s no quick and easy way to get them early. You’ll just have to play regularly and consistently, and the game will reward you accordingly.

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