Just Cause 3 Multiplayer Mod Beta is Now Live

The multiplayer mod for Just Cause 3 that’s being developed by Nanos is set to go live today. Although this is only a beta release (the first beta release, even), it is a fully functioning mod. An MP mod for JC3 was expected much earlier this year. The development team behind the JC2 MP mod even announced they are preparing one for the latest game.

A few months later, the development of the new mod appeared to be dead. Its lead designer, Cameron Foote, had accepted a job at Avalanche Studios, the same studio that created the Just Cause series. Because of the time needed to be invested into this type of the project, neither Cameron Foote nor his team have been able to move on with creating such a mod.

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Luckily for all the players of Just Cause 3, the multiplayer mod is now live with the help of Nanos. They are mostly known for creating the most advanced multiplayer modifications for AAA games, like GTA V, GTA IV, Mafia 2 and now Just Cause 3.

This specific JC3 Multiplayer Mod has been in development for a year. This release includes server files, allowing everyone to host their own servers. Since this is a beta, some problems are to be expected. Some of them are even funny in their own right. Getting stuck while teleporting, helicopter rotors not being properly synced, vehicle health synchronization not working properly, sounds of remote players being played incorrectly… Nanos expects the first stable release of the mod to be ready in January or February next year.

You can download the Just Cause 3 Multiplayer Mod from their website here. If you are not sure how to complete the installation, there is a youtube video by the user Protato describing the process.

Right now, the mod is only available for PC users. Although it would be nice to have this kind of mod available for consoles, despite the good will of Avalanche Studios, it is not something you should count on.

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