Kingdom Come Deliverance Patch 1.6 Available, Includes Hardcore Mode

The new update 1.6 for Kingdom Come Deliverance brings with it Hardcore Mode. It removes a lot of things that help you, and makes the game both more difficult and realistic. On top of that, you have to select at least two negative perks, each of which carries a fun adverse effect, such as slower XP gain, debuffs after waking up, slower stamina recharge, etc.

Kingdom Come Deliverance Patch 1.6 Available, Includes Hardcore Mode
Kingdom Come Deliverance Patch 1.6 Available, Includes Hardcore Mode

Hey, are you one of those absolute masochists that thought that the regular Kingdom Come Deliverance is just not difficult enough? Well, you’re in luck! A new update is out for the game, and it brings with it Hardcore Mode. It basically takes out every single bit of help that you can have. The compass is blank, and waypoints appear only when you come near them. There’s no autosave, and no fast travel. Food and potions need time to kick in, so sleeping is the only reliable way to regenerate. The only clues to your health and stamina are via visual effects; no status bars for you. Combat is more realistic and dangerous. Rewards are smaller, traders pay less, and everything costs more, repairs included. Fun, I guess.

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Plus, Hardcore Mode in Kingdom Come Deliverance also forces you to take at least two negative perks to haunt you throughout the entire game. The patch notes list nine of them, all of which are a problem on their own. There’s Nightmares, which debuffs you for a little while every time you wake up. Claustrophobic lowers your attack when you lower your visor. Hemophilia makes you bleed more, Numbskull makes you earn XP slower. Shakes make aiming bows, picking pockets and picking locks significantly harder. Consumption makes your stamina recharge slower, Tapeworm makes you hungry quicker, Brittle Bones makes falls more dangerous. Last, but not least, is Somnambulist. You will wake up in a different place than you went to sleep, which is fun. On top of that, there’s a chance that you’ll end up in some secret areas, which is even more fun.

Hardcore Mode is not the only thing that patch 1.6 brings to the table. There’s also a new setting, allowing you to disable tutorials. It also includes several bug fixes that should iron out some of the problems with various glitchy quests, such as Nasty Habits, Playing with the Devil, and others. For further details, you can check out the full patch notes on the Kingdom Come Deliverance Steam community page.

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