Kingdom Hearts 3 Airstep - How to Perform Airstepping

Airstepping is one of the techniques you’ll have to master in Kingdom Hearts 3. It’s mainly a movement skill that lets you teleport to otherwise unreachable places, but it can also be used in combat, to great effect. The game doesn’t do a very good job of explaining how it works, as a number of players are having trouble with it. This guide will show you how to airstep in Kingdom Hearts 3.

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kingdom hearts 3 how to airstep
Kingdom Hearts 3 Airstep – How to Perform Airstepping

How to airstep in KH3?

Airstep is a movement technique that allows you to aim at certain places above you and teleport to them. You’ll first have to use it in Olympus, and you might just get stuck. In order to perform an airstep, you need to press R1/RB to enter shotlock mode (the thing when Sora aims). Point your reticule (the big circle in the middle of the screen) towards a platform you want to reach, and when you find an anchor point a glowing square will appear. Press square, and Sora will soar. It doesn’t use up your focus, so you can do it as often as you like.

That last point isn’t too important when it comes to traversal, as you won’t need to do it so often. However, it comes in handy when you’re in a fight. You can airstep to close the gap between you and an enemy by treating them like a platform. If you press X/A quickly after airstepping, you’ll perform an area of effect attack. Since it can damage more than one enemy, and get you into the fray quickly, it’s a great way to start combat.

All in all, it’s a pretty useful skill to master, a tool and a weapon at the same time. Take the time to practice in Olympus – it’ll pay off down the road.

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  1. G

    That is still not helpful. I hit the square button and soar towards the stones but then I just fall to the ground. There’s no way to aim on top of the stones, I just keep falling. All you explained is what the game already explained.

    1. C
      Christian S.

      When you airstep to the first ledge, look behind and above you. There is another ledge/platform. Then a 3rd behind that one as well.

    2. R

      I was having that problem too. Aim all the way at the place you want to go (top platform) instead of individual rocks

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