Kingdom Hearts 3 Caribbean Lucky Emblem Locations Map

Caribbean lucky emblems are a type of collectible available in Kingdom Hearts 3. They’re hidden Mickey heads you can find across the archipelago in the Pirates of The Caribbean world. There’s thirteen of them, divided between Port Royale and the various islands. Getting them all can be tedious, as they’re sometimes pretty well hidden. If you’re having trouble with finding any of them, our Kingdom Hearts 3 Caribbean Lucky Emblem locations map guide will help you in your time of need.

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Kingdom Hearts 3 Caribbean Lucky Emblem Locations Map

Port Royale Hidden Mickey Locations

You’ll find the first pair of lucky emblems near the third fast travel point. While standing at it, look to the right and you’ll see a boat near the shore. Climb into it and you’ll find the Mickey head on the boards. For the second one, you should leave the pier and turn left. Go straight until you run into the building on stone pillars (pile dwelling). The emblem is behind the crates, on one of the pillars.

You should then teleport to the fourth fast travel point. Go down the stairs and jump onto the beach. Enter the hut and look to the left. You’ll see an emblem on the top crate. Afterwards, go back to the path and head to the first pier. Pass through the gate and turn around, and you should find another emblem on the board hanging from the gate.

Now it’s time to go to the fifth fast travel point. First you should go to the right and climb the tower across the courtyard. Once you’re up there, look down and to the right. There’s going to be a couple of coils of rope on the pallisade in the shape of Mickey’s head. Then go back to the spawn point and head down the stairs. Follow the corridor into the prison, and enter the third cell. The emblem will be on the ball and chain.

High Seas Lucky Mark Locations

Next up, go to the eighth fast travel point, on Isla Verdemontana. Follow the path through the jungle on the left, then cross the valley and turn right. Climb up the wall and keep to the left. Once you reach the cliff, look down into the water and you’ll see it. The next one is south of there, on the small island next to the Isle of Luck. Climb onto the stone spire and look towards the enemies – you’ll see the stones forming the emblem.

Board your ship and head east, to Horseshoe Island. The next lucky mark will be on the spire next to the island, facing it. Continue going east, to Isla de los Mastiles. There’s a small island west of it. If you climb onto the rocks, you’ll see three burried barrels forming the symbol.

The next one is at Ship’s End, in the Southern Waters. Go into the bay, up the stones and through the island. On the other side, you’ll se an upright shipwreck, with the emblem on it. The last two are next to each other, and you’ll find them at Sandbar Isle. Use the stone pillars to get up onto the island, then head left and jump into the water. The first one will be on a pile of stones in the middle of the lake, and the other will be a bit to the side.