Kingdom Hearts 3 How to Open Map - Is There A Check Map Button

Is there a map button in Kingdom Hearts 3? That’s a question a lot of players have been asking since the game’s release less than a day ago. Although the levels are pretty simple, it’s always nice to have a general idea where you are, without spending the time to learn the entire area by heart. If you’re one of those players, wondering if and how you can take advantage of a map, our Kingdom Hearts 3 how to open map guide will answer your question.

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kingdom hearts 3 how to open map
How to Open Map – Is There A Check Map Button

How to check map in KH3?

In short, you can’t. There is no map in Kingdom Hearts 3. It’s a strange decision, especially seeing how previous games always had one (even if you had to find it beforehand). There’s simply no way to check where you are currently, apart from learning the layout of the levels. There is a minimap in the corner, but its functionality is limited. Still, you’ll learn to treasure it, as that’s literally the only thing helping you get your bearings.

It takes some getting used to, but it’s actually not that bad. The level layouts are pretty basic, and the visual design of each area makes them stand out in most cases (Monstropolis and Arendelle are the exceptions here – most of the time everything looks the same in those two). The game will do a good job guiding you at first, and when you revisit old locations at a later point, you’ll already be familiar with them.

The exception to this rule is the Caribbean world. It’s the only one that has a map, but you can only use it outside Port Royal. It’ll help you sail the High Seas and visit all the tiny islands. In order to open it, board your ship and go to the wheel. The map will be on a crate next to it.

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