Kingdom Hearts 3 Worlds - How Many Are There?

How many words are in Kingdom Hearts 3 is one of the main questions players are asking about the game. We know it takes place across a lot of Disney’s worlds, and we know Sora will be able to visit a bunch of them and meet the characters that inhabit them. We won’t have the full list until the game is released, but we’ve seen a bunch of them in the footage that has been released. In this guide, we’re going to show you all the Kingdom Hearts 3 worlds.

kingdom hearts 3 worlds
Kingdom Hearts 3 Worlds – How Many Are There?

How many worlds are in Kingdom Hearts 3?

We’ve managed to count 9 so far. Eight of those are Disney worlds, while the ninth is comprised of locations from the previous games, the ones from the KH universe. Here’s what we’ve managed to spot in the footage:

Arendelle – The cold kingdom from Frozen, where you’ll get to meet Elza, Anna, Olaf and Sven
Andy’s House – The home from Toy Story, in which you’ll probably meet Woody and Buzz, along with some of the supporting characters
Kingdom of Corona – The enchanted woods from Tangled
Mounty Olympus – Home of the ancient Greek gods and birthplace of Hercules
100 Acre Wood – The peaceful forest from which Winnie The Pooh hails
San Fransokyo – The megalopolis from Big Hero 6
The Carribean – The archipelago featured in the Pirates of The Carribean movies
Monsters Inc – The factory from Monsters Inc, with the possibility of using closet doors as portals

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Apart from that, there are several non-Disney locations we’ve seen, including Twilight Town, Yen Sid’s Tower and the Mansion from Kingdom Hearts 2. There was also a brief glimpse of a place above the clouds, where we could see multiple copies of Sora running around. We’ll know more as the game’s release date draws nearer, and we’ll update this page with any new info we find.

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