Lego Batman 3 Level 1: Pursuers In The Sewers Walkthrough

Story Characters Batman, Robin
True Hero Requirements70,000
SuitsRobin – Hazard Suite can be use to collect small yellow, red and green Lego bricks
Batman – Sensor Suit can be used to reveal hidden lego objects, through green lego wall.
NoteAttack the black bat-symbol on the ground to get helpful advices from Bat-Mite.
NoteThe panel on the Robin’s Hazard Suit tells you how many LEGO bricks he has collected
While chasing Killer Croc in the Sewer use the lever to drain the nearby water.
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Destroy all the boxes then build an object from hopping Lego bricks to unlock the first Suite Token – Robin Hazard Suite. While wearing this suite Robin can collect small yellow, red and green Lego bricks. Once Robin collect 25 bricks, interact with machine to build a new one. Approach it as a Batman, keep tapping the Interact button (B / circle) and the machine will destroy the barricade.

After destroying the barricade collect a new Suit Token for Batman Sensor Suit that can be used to reveal hidden Lego objects. In your new suite tap the Interact button to detect an yellow pin and pull it from the wall.When you reach the room with toxic slime, switch your character to Robin and walk through the slim.After shutting off the flame jet, Batman will join you. Go down the ladders, switch to Batman – Sensor Suite to detect the pin on the structure.

How to defeat Killer Croc

Once you reach the other side smash everything, then use a Lego bricks to build a pin on the tunnel metal grill. Destroy the grill and after that Killer Croc appears. Run after him and at the checkpoint station save the game. After smashing everything around you, build a machine and fill it with 25 Lego bricks. Since you need bricks use Batman Sensor Suit to detect buttons on both side of the room. Once you jump onto the button, Killer Croc will emerge from the water. When the battle begins you realize that you can’t defeat Killer Croc. When Robin collects 25 bricks a cannon will appear. Jump onto the cannon’s seat and defeat the Croc.