Lies of P All Endings

In our Lies of P All Endings guide, we are going to explain how to unlock and get all endings in Lies of P. Needless to say, there will be SPOILERS in this guide. That’s something one just can’t avoid when writing guides like this. Also, we are going to show you the different extra achievements and ending rewards you can get on the way. Let’s begin!

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lies of p all endings
Lies of P All Endings

Real Boy They All Lived Happily Ever After Lies of P Ending

Out of all the endings in Lies of P, the one called Real Boy: They All Lived Happily Ever After is the easiest to get. It doesn’t matter whether you lie or tell the truth in any of the conversations with NPCs. All you have to do is defeat the final boss, Simon Manus, Awakened God. Then, go down the elevator into the depths called Under the Abyss. Talk to Geppetto and give him the Heart. Do not start a new game right afterwards, but jump into the same game after the credits roll. Head back to Hotel Krat and read the letter on Geppetto’s desk to get another achievement, and interact with the hotel piano to get yet another trophy.

You can conceivably get two different endings in one save file. Tell only the truth or only lies and continue to the end. Give Geppetto the heart and after you’ve done everything from the previous paragraph, reload the save from before you gave Geppetto the Heart. This time, refuse to give it to him and fight the real final boss, The Nameless Puppet. After you emerge victorious, you’ll get one of the other two endings.

How to Get Free from the Puppet String Ending in Lies of P

To get the Free from the Puppet String ending in Lies of P, the second of all three endings, you need to tell only the truth in every NPC interaction. Basically, you have to be brutally honest with everyone, no matter how painful it might be (and it will be ruthless at times). Also, when talking to Sofia at Ascension Bridge, select “Let her live.” Then, when talking to Simon Manus in the Cradle of the God, say “I liberated her from Arche Abbey.” Lastly, refuse to give Geppetto the Heart. Fight the Namless Puppet.

After the credits roll, you’ll be able to get a secret weapon called Proof of Humanity. You get it by trading the Nameless Puppet Ergo with Explorer Hugo. You can do this in the next ending, too. Speaking off…

Rise of P Ending

To get the third of all endings in Lies of P, aka Rise of P, you have to tell only lies whenever prompted. Funnily enough, this will make you be way more humane. When talking to Sofia at Ascension Bridge, select “Let her live.” After beating Simon Manus, you can go back to the Hotel Krat and play all the Records you have. If you’ve collected all of them, you can get the Golden Lie weapon from the portrait, which will now have a huge nose. Lastly, go to Geppetto, refuse to give him the Heart, and kill The Nameless Puppet.

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