Lies of P All Outfits Locations

Lies of P features a wide selection of different outfits that you can find and equip. Though you need to be aware that, unlike in other games, these don’t work as armor – and thus won’t give you any damage reduction or other such bonuses – they are simply cosmetic items. If you want to be able to wear them, you will first need to know the where these costume locations are so that you can look for them there. So here’s where you can find all the outfits locations in Lies of P.

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Lies of P All Outfits Locations
Lies of P All Outfits Locations

Lies of P Someone’s Memory Outfit Location

The description for Someone’s Memory reads: “The uniform of a sophisticated and dignified boarding school. These clothes have been worn before.” You’ll receive this Boarding School Uniform once you speak to Antonia for the first time at the Kraut Hotel.

Lies of P Mad Donkey Outfit & Mask Location

As for the Mad Donkey Outfit, its in-game description is as follows: “The hunting apparel of the Mad Donkey. It reeks of brutal violence.” To be able to get this costume, you will have to defeat the Mad Donkey at the Alchemist Bridge. Simply follow the main story, and you can’t miss this boss fight or this outfit.

Where to Find Survivor Outfit in Lies of P

The Survivor’s Hunting Apparel can be found in the Workshop Union Culvert. Once you have met up with the Red Fox and Black Cat, climb up the stairs next to them. Look for a hole here on the upper floor. When you have found it, jump down to face the Survivor. Once you have defeated this enemy, you will get the Survivor’s Hunting Apparel outfit and the Survivor’s Mask accessory as your reward. We are going to update this guide with other outfits once we have played through the rest of the game, so stay tuned for more.

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