Ark Pass Skins, Mounts, Rewards in Lost Ark Battle Pass

After a handful of problems and a minor delay, the Lost Ark April update has finally arrived! Asides from the new class, Glaivier, and the new continent, South Vern, one of the biggest addition in this update is the brand new monetisation system – Ark Pass. Read on to find all free Ark Pass rewards, premium rewards, and super-premium rewards.

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Ark Pass Skins, Mounts, Rewards in Lost Ark Battle Pass

Lost Ark All Ark Pass Levels, Rewards, and Super Premium Rewards

The Ark Pass is essentially a battle pass system tailored to suit Lost Ark. It consists of 30 levels in total, and each level has some rewards for players to look forward to. There are three tiers of rewards – Achievements Rewards, Premium Rewards, and Super Premium Rewards.

The Achievements tier is a free tier of the battle pass. Everyone will be able to unlock these rewards simply by playing the game. The next level is the Premium tier. This is the first paid Ark Pass tier, and it offers additional rewards at each level on top of the rewards you unlock with the free tier. Finally, there’s the third, and the most expensive tier – the Super Premium Ark Pass. While this is the highest and the most expansive tier, it should be noted that it is not a P2W (pay-to-win) tier. Rather, it consists exclusively of cosmetic rewards which players will be able to unlock once every 5 levels.

Of course, by purchasing the Premium Ark Pass, you’ll also automatically receive all the rewards from lower tiers. The premium rewards are high-quality cosmetics, including the Noble Banquet skin collection. Here are all Super Premium rewards:

  • 5th Level – Noble Banquet Wallpaper
  • 10th Level – Legendary Rapport Selection Chest (Select 1 from 14 legendary items)
  • 15th Level – Noble Banquet Headwear Selection Chest (Select 1 from 3 epic items)
  • 20th Level – Noble Banquet Chestpiece Selection Chest (Select 1 from 3 epic items)
  • 25th Level – Noble Banquet Pants Selection Chest (Select 1 from 3 epic items)
  • 30th Level – Noble Banquet Weapon Selection Chest (Select 1 from 3 epic items)

For more details on what each of these selection chests contains, you can check the images below. As you can see, the skins are well worth the money. It all depends on how much you value cosmetics in the game. If that’s not something that’s particularly interesting to you, you can skip the Super Premium tier entirely.

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