Lost Ark Disorder Crystal Vendor

Like many MMOs, Lost Ark has a clear separation between its regular and end-game content. Once you reach Level 50, that’s where the really hard part of LA starts. Luckily, to offset this, you will also start to get considerably better loot and resources to become even more powerful. One of these comes in the form of Disorder Crystals. This is a type of currency in the game (not to be confused with the currency used in the game shop) that you obtain after completing Chaos Dungeons. It’s possible that you may have amassed a lot of these without knowing what to do with them and where to spend them. Well, in our Lost Ark Disorder Crystal Vendor guide, we will explain the location of the vendor where you can spend your hard-earned Disorder Crystals, and what you can purchase with them.

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Lost Ark Disorder Crystal Vendor

Where to Find Disorder Crystals Vendor in Lost Ark

The description for Disorder Crystals doesn’t give a lot of information about how they can be used. It reads: “These crystals contain ominous energy found in the Chaos Gate. They glow faintly even in the corrosive chaos.” Some players think that these are a sort of crafting material. However, this isn’t true. Disorder Crystals can be exchanged for other things at a specific vendor. This Disorder Crystal Vendor can be found in the North Vern zone – more specifically, at the Vern Castle. This vendor is standing close to the Chaos Dungeon statue there.

Disorder Crystal Vendor location
Disorder Crystal Vendor location.

Interact with the vendor, and you can then use your Disorder Crystals and Perception Shards to upgrade your gear. Here’s what you can get this way: Harmony Shards, Harmony Leapstones, Stone Fragments, Jewellery, and Engraving Books. As you can see, Disorder Crystals are quite useful, so don’t be shy about making the most out of them.

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