How to Get Pet in Lost Ark

Unlike many other games in which they often serve only as a sort of visual accessory, pets in Lost Arc are actually really useful. Of course, they also look really adorable and cool – so you get the best of both worlds. The most important thing about them is that having a pet will enable it to auto-loot for you. This will save you a lot of time you otherwise would have needed to spend clicking on every piece of dropped loot personally. Additionally, they also provide a nice passive offensive and defensive boost for the player character. All of this makes having a pet in Lost Ark a no-brainer. But first, you need to get it. Our How to Get Pet in Lost Ark guide will show you how this is done.

How to Get Pet in Lost Ark

How to Get a Pet in Lost Ark

There are several ways to get a pet in Lost Ark. The first and simplest of these is to purchase one of the Founders Packs. These come with an exclusive pet. The second method is to purchase a pet from Lost Ark’s cash shop with Royal Crystal, Lost Ark’s premium currency. You can also get it from some in-game events. However, the final method is the one that most players will use to acquire their critters in Lost Ark. There is an Adventure Quest that you can undertake in Prideholme right after the Prologue.

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Called “Learning About Pets”, when you talk to the Achatemeow NPC, located in the center of Prideholme, you will start this quest. It doubles as an introduction to Pets in the game and this is also where you can get your first pet. Of course, you are not limited to just one pet. You can acquire more of them during the course of the game – from special time-limited events, for example. And, you can always purchase more of them from the Cash Shop as well.

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