Lost Ark Pest Control, Una's Daily Quest

Una’s Daily Quests are, true to their name, quests that you can do each day in Lost Ark. Being designed around repetitive tasks that you can undertake every day (if you so choose), they are usually short and to the point. However, sometimes that isn’t the case – for one reason or another. Take “Pest Control” as an example. Plenty of Lost Ark players are having a hard time with this particular Daily Quest. If you are one of these players, then our Lost Ark Pest Control, Una’s Daily Quest guide is here to help you out.

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Lost Ark Pest Control, Una's Daily Quest

How to Start Pest Control in Lost Ark

to begin this Daily Quest, go into Una’s Tasks, and after that into the Daily tab. Once you are in here, search for the “Pest Control” Daily Quest. Accept it. Next, board your ship. The quest will appear in the right corner of your screen. ALT + left click on the compass there to begin traveling to that destination.

How to Complete Lost Ark Pest Control

Once you get to this island, you might be confused over what to do next. This is because neither the Red Shark Pirates, nor the Pirate Boss is there. Well, the trick here is that you need to wait for 15 minutes until they spawn. They will respawn every 15 minutes. However, since, to complete this daily quest, you need to land a couple of hits on the Pirate Lorka boss, “Pest Control” is often quickly complete before you even had the chance to get there. So, here are a couple of tips on how to do this.

Firstly, you should stand in the southeast corner of this island and wait for Lorka to spawn. As soon as he does, rush in to get a hit or two so that you also get the credit for defeating him (you do not need to land the killing blow for this). Ignore the pirates around him, they aren’t important. Finally, if you haven’t gotten the credit for defeating him, try changing channels. With any luck, they should spawn more quickly there and your contribution to the fight will be taken into consideration and you will have successfully cleared this quest.

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