Lost Ark Shipwreck Scrap

Due to its sheer size and scope, Lost Ark has a lot of items that you will obtain during your adventures. Sometimes, the purpose of these items is immediately clear at a single glance. But sometimes, their use is a bit of a mystery. The Shipwreck Scrap is firmly in this second, more puzzling category. If you do not know what to do with this particular item, don’t worry, as our Lost Ark Shipwreck Scrap is here to explain everything you need to know about it.

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Lost Ark Shipwreck Scrap

Lost Ark Shipwreck Scrap Usage

When you arrive to Golden Wave Island, you will see that there are several Robots there, close to the beach where you landed. Most of these are too damaged to be repaired, but looking over one particular model, called “Broken T-82” will reveal that there is hope that it can be repaired. This will begin the “Hey, Wake up!” quest. To complete it, you need to pick up Demon Stones from various mechanical boxes which are strewn all over the island. So go around opening these chests until you have the right amount of Demon Stones necessary. As an added bonus, doing this will also let you get the Golden Wave Island Token – if you get lucky, that is. When you have enough Demon Stones, go back to T-82 to revive it.

Once you have done that, T-82 will give you another quest – “Collecting Cargo”. The description for this quest reads: “After coming back online, T-82 asked me to collect shipwrecked cargo around us.” And even though it’s called “shipwrecked cargo” in the description, what the game actually means is “shipwreck scrap”. So that is what this item is used for in Lost Ark – after getting T-82 back to working condition, you can give it the shipwreck scrap you’ve collected.

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