Spending an Eternity Together Location Lost Ark Hidden Story

Hidden Stories are small, out-of-the-way tales that you can do in Lost Ark. They present a welcome change of pace from the more epic quests in the game and mostly serve to flesh out the regions and characters of Lost Ark. Though they are usually simple to complete, there are some of these which require some detective work in order to complete. “Spending an Eternity” is one such Hidden Tale. Located in Yudia, this HS necessitates that you locate and visit three locations to complete it. To save you the time you otherwise would have needed to spend looking for them, our Spending an Eternity Together Location Lost Ark Hidden Story guide will show you where all three of these are.

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Spending an Eternity Together Location Lost Ark Hidden Story

Lost Ark Spending an Eternity Together First Location

All three of these can be found in Saland Hill. The first is in the Aregal Salt Plains. Look for it between two wooden barricades. When you get close enough to this pocketwatch, you will get the option to investigate. We’ve marked this spot in the screenshot gallery below.

Spending an Eternity Together 2nd Hidden Story Location in Lost Ark

The second spot is located a ways south. When you get here, you will see a bag. Like before, approach it and you will get the investigation prompt. We’ve also marked this spot as well, so refer to our screenshots.

Where to Find Spending an Eternity Together 3rd Hidden Story Lost Ark

The third and final spot you need to visit is all the way to the south of this map. A ring is visible on the ground there, and when you are near it, you will be able to interact with it. This is the last part to this Hidden Story. After this, you will get a +2 to your Charisma as a reward. If you are interested in other Hidden Stories, we’ve explained how to complete all the ones in Rehtramis.

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