Luigi's Mansion 3 5F All Gem Locaitons - RIP Suites

RIP Suites gems are collectibles in Luigi’s Mansion 3. They’re located on 5F, in the area called RIP Suites. There’s six of them – some of them are hidden in various nooks and crannies, others are easy to find but hard to obtain. You won’t be able to get them all until you’ve unlocked the required tools. If you’re wondering where to find or how to get them, this guide will show you all Luigi’s Mansion 3 5F RIP Suites gem locations.

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luigi's mansion 3 5f all gem locations rip suites
Luigi’s Mansion 3 5F All Gem Locaitons – RIP Suites

RIP Suites white gem #1 location

The white gem is in room 508. Use the door on the left to exit onto the balcony. Look through the telescope until a blue ghost appears in front of you. Fight him using your vacuum cleaner, and you’ll get the gem when you defeat him.

Where to find RIP Suites red gem #2

The red gem is hidden in room 501. In order to find the room, you’ll first have to use the darklight to reveal the door. Once you’re in, go to the far right corner and shine the darklight on the wall there. Another invisible door will appear, but you’ll have to suck up all the blue orbs to make it tangible. When you’re out on the balcony, shimmy along the ledge on the right, and you’ll find the gem in the mouth of a gargoyle.

Where to find #3 blue gem in RIP Suites

When you exit the elevator, head right. You’ll see a vending machine. Use your plunger on it, then pull it. The machine will topple, revealing a secret door. Go through it and you’ll end up in the laundry room. Use the plunger on the grate in the far left corner of the room. When you pull it off, you’ll find the gem.

How to get green gem #4 in RIP Suites

The green gem is stuck in the jaws of a gargoyle statue, to the right of room 505. To get it, you’ll have to use the other nearby statue. Use the vacuum cleaner to grab the big brown orb from it, then shoot the orb at the gargoyle to smash it.

Where to find #5 purple gem

The purple gem can be found in room 507. As you enter, turn right and go into the bathroom. Use the vacuum to pull the tarp in the left corner, and you’ll reveal a hole in the wall. Go through it and you’ll end up in a secret room. Clear out the junk to get to the purple gem, which is on the other side of the room.

RIP Suites yellow gem #6 location

The yellow game is in room 502. The entrance to this room is hidden – once you defeat the purple ghost guarding it, you’ll need to shine the darklight on the wall to reveal it. Go inside, and head left, into the bathroom. Send Gooigi down through the grate, then use his plunger to remove the boards blocking the valve. Turn the valve to make the water to right. Switch back to Luigi, then pull the tarp from the bathtub. Blow at the shower tap – this will fill the tub, and a yellow box will jump out. Smash the box using your plunger and you’ll find the gem.