Mafia 3 Story Expansion Paid DLC Details

Mafia 3 DLC so far hasn’t been much to write home about. They contained mostly free cosmetic items and races. However, it seems developers at Hangar 13 are finally bringing out the big guns. They’ve announced three paid story DLCs for Mafia 3, slated for spring and summer of 2017.

Mafia 3 Story Expansion Paid DLC Details
Mafia 3 Story Expansion Paid DLC Details

Fans of Mafia 3 are about to get several new adventures in the city of New Bordeaux. The upcoming three DLC story chapters are all covered by the Season Pass, and the chapters will come out in March, May and July of 2017. Those are target dates, however, and they are subject to change. We’ve listed the basic information about all three expansions below.

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  • Faster, Baby!
    The target date for the first DLC chapter is March 2017. It centers around “fast cars, dramatic chases, and epic stunt driving”. Licoln will team up with sister-in-arms Roxy Laveau. Their mission is to take out a corrupt Sheriff terrorizing Civil Rights activists. So, Hangar 13 is banking on the racism narrative, which they explored in the main game. Combine that with the car chases, and you have the perfect seventies exploitation movie!
  • Stones Unturned
    This chapter will further explore the character of Lincoln, as well as the late-sixties environment. Lincoln gets a “merciless new rival” and has to team up with CIA agent John Donovan. Together, they have to solve a blood feud that began back in Vietnam. The target date of this expansion is May 2017.
  • Sign of the Times
    The third and final (for now, at least) story chapter is coming out in July 2017. A blood cult has committed a string of ritualistic murders. Lincoln, at the request of Father James, agrees to hunt down those responsible. Much like in the first season of True Detective, his journey will take him from the dark heart of the old bayou to the drug-ridden counterculture of the inner city”.

We know little else about the latter two DLCs. AS for the first one, we do have a little more, thanks to Bill Harms, Narrative Director at Hangar 13. We know that their aim is to deliver an interesting, intense, linear, tightly-told story. The story will take us to a whole new section of New Bordeaux that we haven’t had the chance to visit before. Finally, the chapter will feature intense action, with “thrilling stunt driving and high octane car chases in the bayou”.

Further details about the DLC stories will come out at a later date. Of course, we’ll keep you posted as we learn more.

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