ME Andromeda Easter Eggs - Plants vs Zombies, SpaceX, SSV Normandy SR-2

Boiware’s new baby, Mass Effect Andromeda, is just around the corner. Starting March 16th, you can try it out for ten hours on EA Origin. By all accounts so far, the game is absolutely jam-packed with stuff to do right out of the gate, even in the tutorial area. Players have already started digging out Easter eggs in Mass Effect Andromeda, including direct references to Plants vs Zombies and the space transport company SpaceX. Some very mild spoilers incoming.

Mass Effect Andromeda Easter Eggs - Plants vs Zombies, SpaceX, SSV Normandy SR-2
Mass Effect Andromeda Easter Eggs – Plants vs Zombies, SpaceX, SSV Normandy SR-2

ME Andromeda SpaceX Rocket Model Easter Egg

SpaceX is an aerospace manufacturing company founded by Elon Musk. Their goal is reducing the costs of space travel and, eventually, to make colonizing Mars possible. They make a point of creating rockets that are reusable. Since they are currently one of the biggest innovators in space travel, it’s nice that they got recognition in a Mass Effect game as a very prominent Easter egg.

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Very early in Mass Effect Andromeda, you can go to your private quarters. In the back of the room, there are some shelves on the wall, underneath a large flat screen. If you take a closer look there, you’ll find the SpaceX Rocket Model Easter egg.

Examining the model creates a new codex entry, which reveals that, in the game’s universe SpaceX was what sparked a new interest in space travel. They basically ushered a new age of space exploration, eventually leading to the creation of first permanent settlement on Mars, Lowell City, in 2103. This is truly a huge compliment to SpaceX. Perhaps that’s exactly what will happen, and we’ll get to colonize space thanks to their initiative.

SSV Normandy SR-2 Model in ME Andromeda

The new Mass Effect, according to the developers, has barely even passing connections with the previos games in the franchise. That, of course, has done nothing to prevent them from inserting little nods and references.

If you take a look above your bed in your quarters, you’ll see the model of the trusty SSV Normandy. This is just one Easter egg connected with the original series. There’s more than only one, though.

ME Andromeda Liara T’Soni Message

This is a little more serious spoiler, so turn back now if you don’t want any. If you decide to snoop around your father’s quarters on the Nexus, you can talk to SAM in the room. Go through the logs, and you’ll run into messages from Dr Liara T’Soni. Any long-time Mass Effect fan will be delighted to hear the asari archaeologist. It appears that she and your father were friends at one time or another, and he considered her knowledge important enough to transfer to the Andromeda crew.

Plants vs Zombies Dolls in Mass Effect Andromeda

The super-popular tower defense game, Plants vs Zombies, has Electronic Arts as the distributor and co-publisher. EA is also the publisher of ME Andromeda. It’s no surprise then that they decided to include a cute little nod to another IP they are affiliated with.

If you check out the crew quarters and do a thorough bunk check. In the corner of one of them, you should spot two plushies of a plant and a zombie, straight from the game. It’s as adorable as it is contrived.

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