Mass Effect Andromeda Forgotten History Side Mission - Where to find Angaran Relics

Forgotten History is one of the side missions in Mass Effect Andromeda. It involves finding some angaran relics for Avela Kjar, across three different plantes. It may sound simple, but the artifacts aren’t marked on the map, and one of them is protected by an energy shield. In this guide, we’re going to show you where to find angaran relics, how to disable the energy shield and complete Mass Effect Andromeda Forgotten History side quest.

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mass effect andromeda forgotten history side quest
ME: Andromeda Forgotten History side quest

How to start Forgotten History side quest

You can begin the quest by talking to Avela Kjar in the Repository of History, on Aya. It will only be available after you’ve finished the Recovering the Past mission. She’ll ask you to find three angaran relics – one on Voeld, one on Kadara, one on Elaaden.

How to disable energy shield on Voeld

Before you can get the relic on Voeld, you’ll have to disable a kett energy shield protecting the dig site. To do this, you’ll have to finish a quest called Remove the Heart – one of the main objectives is to kill the forcefield. You’ll unlock this mission by following the chain of quests that starts after Stage a Rescue.

Angaran relic on Voeld

Go to the Jaa Niihk dig sit, in the northeast of the frozen planet. Jump down into the icy cave, and follow the path to the first big room. Make a left and go into a tunnel. Follow it, and turn left as soon as you can. You’ll end up in a room filled with green crates. The ancient angaran figurine will be behind the crates in the corner.

Kadara angaran relic location

The ancient angaran musical instrument is located on top of a hillock in the far northwest of Kadara. Go into Kurinth’s Valley, past the outpost through the narrow mountain pass. Follow the road to the lake, then head northwest until you see a dark stone pillar on a hill. Climb it, and you’ll see the item on the ground.

Where to find angaran relic on Elaaden

You’ll find the ancient angaran star map in the Sea of Ataraxia. It’s the huge desert in the northwestern part of Elaaden. The relic is in some ancient ruins, in a valley next to a crashed ship, north of the giant stone pillars.



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