Mass Effect Andromeda Skills, Powers & Levelling System Explained

The way skills work in Mass Effect Andromeda isn’t what you’d expect. A lot has changed from the original trilogy, and the levelling system and abilities are on the list. A recent trailer gave us a glimpse of the powers and talents we’ll be able to unlock, use and enhance. In this guide, we’re going to explain how Mass Effect Andromeda skills & powers work, how to unlock and upgrade them.

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mass effect andromeda skills powers levelling system
ME: Andromeda powers & skills
Note: All the info on this page is based on pre-release information, trailers and demos. We’ll update it when we know more.

ME: Andromeda Powers & Abilities

When you first open the skill menu, you’ll see each crew member has a separate section. Ryder’s skills are the most detailed, and you can let the AI upgrade companion skills of its own accord. It’s a great way to cut down on micro management, if you’re not into that kind of stuff.

Ryder’s skills are divided into three categories:

  • Combat
  • Biotics
  • Tech
Although you can mix and match skills any way you like, every ability you unlock will further enhance one of the Pathfinder profiles, making it better. When you open a category, you’ll be faced with two kinds of talents: skills, which are passive abilities, and powers, which are active.

How to upgrade skills in ME Andromeda

You earn experience points by doing various activities in the game. When you’ve amassed enough, you gain a level, along with several skill points. These points can then be used to upgrade your skills. Each skill has its own upgrade three, with several tiers of enhancements, some of them mutually exclusive. For instance, the flamethrower can first be upgraded to increase its recharge speed, then its damage. At the next level, you have to choose between damage and recharge speed. This way, you can customize your skills and finely tune your character.


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