Metro Exodus Beta Footage Shows Eight Minutes of Desert Carnage

We haven’t seen a whole lot of Metro Exodus in action. I mean, we’ve seen some snowy bits way back when, and we’ve seen some foresty bits during the summer, but that’s about it. With the game’s release date creeping up, the developers at 4A Games have decided to share some more footage. The new trailer, dubbed Summer, shows off a dry desert biome, in eight minutes of exploration, combat and other post-apocalyptic activities.

metro exodus gameplay trailer
Metro Exodus Beta Footage Shows Eight Minutes of Desert Carnage

As the video starts, Artyom uses his binoculars to scout a camp in the distance. It’s where a car that followed their train came from. He’s tasked with exploring the place and getting supplies for his people, with the help of the locals or without it. As he approaches the camp, he gets attacked by several groups of sneaky sand mutants. They’re the same color as the ground, which is going to make them very fun to deal with. It seems like the locals are having trouble dealing with them as well.

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This is the first time we get to see the weapon modification system in action. It’s got the usual stuff – you can change grips/stocks, barrels, scopes and such. Every part you change will modify the weapon’s stats, sometimes considerably. Weapon cleaning is also a thing, and it’ll stop your guns from deteriorating too quickly. There’s also some driving in the video, and the cars are these amazing scrap heaps where nothing is as it should be.

Crafting looks like the usual, uninvolved guff, more a time-wasting filler than a meaningful activity in its own right. I wish crafting in video games would just die. It’s high time we abandoned it in the muck, where it belongs. I’m probably going to start a petition and call it a day.

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