Metro Exodus Duke, Damir, Alyosha - How to Save | Full Strength Trophy

Duke, Damir and Alyosha are key characters in Metro Exodus. What happens to them during your playthrough will determine which ending you’ll get. If you manage to save and keep all three in your crew until the end, you’ll unlock the Full Strength achievement and get the best ending. There are specific things you’ll have to do if you want to get there, though. This guide will show you how to save Duke, Damir & Alyosha in Metro Exodus.

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metro exodus duke damir alyosha how to save full strength trophy
Metro Exodus Duke, Damir, Alyosha – How to Save | Full Strength Trophy

How to save Duke?

In order to have Duke survive (and unlock the Duke trophy), you’ll have to maintain a good relationship with the locals. Morale has to be either neutral or positive. This means you can’t kill any cultists. It’s OK to knock them out, but killing them will lower the morale, which means Duke might die. We don’t know how many you’re allowed to kill before you tip the scales, so just avoid killing them altogether. Bandits, on the other hand, are fair game, so don’t hold back there.

How to keep Damir in the crew?

In order to keep Damir in the crew, you’ll have to kill only raiders, and avoid hurting the tribal people and slaves. You should save them whenever you get the chance. Also, look out for the woman being beaten on the rig. It seems like you need to save her too.

How to stop Alyosha from getting wounded?

This part is also further down the line. Alyosha only gets wounded if you attack the Children of the Forest. In order to save him, and have him stay on your crew, you’ll need to avoid killing any Children of The Forest.

Thanks to James and Mack for the additional info regarding the win conditions.



  1. M

    To keep damir from staying, you need to kill only tribals or raiders, but no slaves. And save the woman from being beaten on the rig.

    1. K

      Where is this woman

  2. J

    You are not allowed to kill any of the locals in the first mission to save Duke. To save Damir you must not kill any slaves or tribals and save them when possible. To save Aloysha you must not kill any Children of the Forest.

  3. J

    Save what woman on rig?

    1. E

      on the ship (where you are saving the slaves from prison) a guy with a big gun attacks you

  4. V

    Killing most defenders in the church didn’t stop me from keeping duke alive, at the rest of the areas I didn’t kill any cultists.
    For Damir I don’t think you need to save the woman from being beaten, unless just standing and looking does it, but I saved the guy on the first floor that was about to have his skull caved in.

  5. T

    Is there are still posibility to have good ending if Duke and Damir are gone?

    1. F

      Nope, atleast two characters need to be stayed on the train in order to get good ending. And as far as I can tell, from my playthrough and experience, having Damir staying on the train is the hardest, you need to be very careful, do not even kill tribals or slaves, some tribals even wield firearms, apart from melee weapons. Very hard to resist killing them, need to be absolute stealthy.

    2. D
      David g

      yes .I did it the first time

  6. R
    really scary games

    I’ve spent ages looking for this on the web. Thank God someone did post it. Thanks

  7. N

    To keep Damir alive you just need to rescue the slaves from the prison and from some cages and try to help slaves that are being beaten by their master. You can kill the barons men and tribals NOT slaves. You also need to help Giul by getting a picture of her mother from the bunker. Basically I just did all the interest points on the map, and didnt kill slaves, rescued as many as I could. Also you dont have to stop the girl from getting beaten, i didnt. I did save the slave on the entrance floor though. That’s what i did and Damir is still alive.

  8. E

    interesting, that you may don’t even touch any cultist on Volga (I’ve passed it few times already without knock outs),
    but it’s enough killing surrendered bandits to get Duke down in the end 🙁

    1. A
      Artyom's Cousin

      lmao you committed a war crime. What did you expect?

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