Metro Exodus Story Trailer Raises More Questions Than It Answers

There’s a new trailer for Metro Exodus, the post-apocalyptic first person shooter from 4A Games. It focuses on the story, explains how the new adventure starts and shows glimpses of the path it will take our heroes down. It also raises some interesting questions, which it doesn’t deem necessary to answer. Scroll down to see the trailer with your own eyes, along with our breakdown and some thoughts.

metro exodus story trailer
Metro Exodus Story Trailer Raises More Questions Than It Answers

The video shows things from the perspective of Anna, extraordinary sniper and wife of one Artyom. It’s kind of confusing. Is she the protagonist? The trailer sure makes it look so, at first. Then later on, there’s a lady that appears as a character who could be her, based on the tone of voice and dialogue. Wasn’t Artyom going to be the main guy here too? As she narrates, the video shows off beautiful landscapes the denizens of the underground railroad system have been dreaming of, but never hoping to actually see.

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Then there some nasties that want to eat the good Russian people, an angry old man yelling at clouds, a doomsday cult, and a bunch of baddies who forego the usual terrible Russian accent in favor of a terrible German accent. It looks like they’re basically the Enclave from Fallout. But why do they sound German? Is the game not only taking place in Russia? Might eastern Germany also be in the cards?

It’s definitely confusing, but all shall be revealed once the game hits the streets, as the kids say these days. Which, incidentally, is supposed to happen on February 15th. It was first scheduled for February 22nd, the day every major publisher decided to release a game on, before they quickly changed their minds and picked different dates.

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