Middle-Earth Shadow of War Errors & Problems

Middle-Earth Shadow of War has gone live several hours ago, and as is customary for triple A games, it’s riddled with issues. Players are complaining about various bugs, errors and technical problems. Some of these are just bumps in the road, easy to overcome with a bit of technical know-how. Sadly, there are also those that can’t be fixed without the developers’ involvement. We’re going to list all the known Middle-Earth Shadow of War errors & problems here, to try and help you solve any issues you might be having.

middle-earth shadow of war errors problems
Middle-Earth Shadow of War Errors & Problems

Your save game data is not compatible with the latest update of Shadow of War

Some players have noticed this message popping up after they’ve installed the 4K textures. It seems like it’s a false alarm – those who’ve tried to play after getting the message experienced no issues while playing, saving or loading.

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No sound on headphones in Shadow of War

If you experience this problem, you can try setting the sound quality in both your volume controle (playback devices option) and the Realtek HD dashboard to 16bit, 48kHz. Some integrated sound cards can cause issues when set to a higher quality, as most of them can’t really reproduce it. There’s also a chance the game is forcing your audio output through the wrong device.

Shadow of War Steam Family Sharing not working

Sadly, Shadow of War cannot be shared with other Steam users via the Family Sharing option. It’s a rare case, but nobody has been able to get it to work this way yet, and it might just be one of those games. You could write a support ticket to try to get a clear answer, or simply refund the game if it’s a dealbreaker for you.

Nemesis not loading correctly in Shadow of War

Shadow of War is supposed to let you import your nemesis from the previous game, however, there are reports of it not happening. Players who decide to load their nemesis are supposed to meet them in the arena, yet this isn’t happening for some. There’s no solution at this point, but you should know you’re not alone in your plight.

Shadow of War not downloading on PC

Some people can’t even get the game. There have been reports of the download stalling on PC. Once you’ve made sure you have enough space on your hard drive, try restarting Steam and your router. If that doesn’t work, restart the computer, then change the download region on Steam. If none of those help, it might be a server-side issue.

Shadow of War starting on wrong monitor

Users with multi-monitor setups have been complaining about the game starting on the wrong monitor. There’s no elegant solution here – make the game windowed, drag the window to the appropriate monitor, then revert to fullscreen. You’ll have to do this every time you start the game, until the devs issue a patch.

Shadow of War framerate locked to 42

There have been reports of the game locking FPS at 42 on hardware that should by all accounts allow for more. No amount of tweaking helped, and it seems like all of the affected are Ryzen users, most of them with Nvidia graphics cards. It could be this specific set of hardware, so you’ll probably have to wait for a patch.

Installed video device does not support Direct X 11 features

A number of players are reporting getting this error message and being unable to start the game, even after successfully playing it for a while. None of the usual troubleshooting methods (new drivers, fresh drivers, old drivers, forcing integrated graphics off) seem to work – it looks like something the devs will need to address.

Long loading times in Shadow of War

There have been complaints about loading times in Shadow of War. Although SSD users don’t seem to be affected, those without one can try opening the Task Manager and setting the game’s priority to high. This does wonders for loading times, especially if you run it from a HDD.

Microsoft Store version of Shadow of War not working – error 0x80070005

A lot of players who bought the game on the Windows 10 store can’t run it. It looks like a problem on Microsoft’s side, but you can try the following: disable your firewall, update the store app, update the OS and make sure your time and date are correct.

Direct3D 11.1 API not available

Windows 7 users have been having trouble with this error message. You’ll need to install the platform update the game requires, and install Internet Explorer 11 – it seems like some necessary files are tied to the browser update (there was a similar situation with Skype some time ago).

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  1. S

    There’s a Last Chance quick time bug on the Xbox One version where every 2 out of 3 times the button isn’t displayed during the event, despite the camera angle and music change!

    WB support said this is to be expected with a game in the day of release and not to play the game until it’s updated…. So it looks like I’ve purchased a pre release beta at full retail price!!!

  2. J
    Joseph hughes

    Stuck on control region screen and the options button to go through is not working or the game isn’t registering it and it’s not letting me advance through the screen.

  3. C

    I’m also having trouble with the game on the Xbox one console. Every time I try to play the game it tries to load and then goes back to the main menu with a “disconnected” message saying “failed to initiate object set. I don’t know what this means or how to fix it?

    1. M

      I’ve got same issue has anybody on here had a reply on how to fix their issues

      1. K

        Was having the same issue, shutoff my xbox and disconnected the power for about 5 minutes and it resolved itself

  4. J

    My problem is in the gameplay, im having a hit streak and suddenly an explosion happens, no mater were i am it keep hiting me and its very repetitive, dont know what to do, the explosion cant be avoided

    1. J
      Joe Ballz

      I was having that issue as well… However I discovered its incoming artillery or something, You’ll notice a red circle around the ground your standing on, You might not see it if you’re in bushes. But if you tap A twice you’ll jump outta the way. Try it. I no longer get “exploded” once I notices it.

  5. B

    I’m having problems where I’m trying to fight and I look like a damn retarded kid who’s having a seizure. Sword isn’t swinging and it’s pissing me off to no end.

  6. E

    Hello, I have the first problem, with save data not compatible. Then I went to level 15 or 16 and when i came back, my character was lvl 9.
    i did it 3 times. Do someone have the same problem?
    Please tell me if you know how to fix it!
    (sorry for my english)

  7. G

    I got a bug for ya. Effing Brûz. He WONT GO AWAY. He keeps freaking popping up with the same stupid stuff about commanding captains to kill even though IVE ALREADY COMMANDED THE ONLY TWO CAPTAINS I HAVE. Every 5 darn seconds he pops up and wont shut the hell up for a full minute. I cant even play it anymore. This game is trash. Really want a refund

  8. K

    PLEASE HELP!!!!! Every friggen time I get done playing and hit “quit” button to stop, EVERYTHING looks like it saved correctly. But when I come back to play……ALL OF MY PROGRESS FROM THE PREVIOUS GAME IS LOST!!!! WTF

    Yesterday I played 14 hours – started at a level 6 and finished at a level 12, and quit the game as I was supposed to. Well this morning, I turn the game on and sure enough ALL OF MY PROGRESS WAS GONE!!!! I WAS BACK TO A LEVEL 6!!!!! I just lost 14 hours of my life!

    Does anyone know of a fix for this or aware of any patch in the works? If not, I’m taking the stupid thing back…..which really sucks cause I love the game.

    Thanks all.

    1. J

      Cannot even get it to download on to my Xbox one, ive got over a hundred and fifty gb left, so annoying

    2. J
      Jeffery Leach

      I think its some garbage ass DRM fuck up. When I started last night no DLC. This morning I had the standard edition content DLC it gave some message I ignored it. played through 2 zones had 5 skill points to spend. Turned it off and put the kids to bed and when I came bavk. Not even my brightness settings remained but the save is still there.

    3. C

      Hey Kevin, this has just happened to me. i contacted WB games and they are looking into it. just wondering if you found a fix? Such a great game but i have also wasted so much of my time replaying it.


  9. A

    having a problem where the game installs but crashes goes to main blue screen saying the disk may be dirty or damage so took the game back gave me a new disk abd having same problems again

    1. C

      Same here my third disc and it’s still not working.

  10. J
    Jeffery Leach

    My save file on Xbox one is still there the game Just won’t recognize it.

  11. C

    Ive tried 3 different copies of the game on my xbox one , and none of them will instal they are all saying installation canceled disc may be scratched or dirty. I keep trying to get it to work but it wont at all. Please anyone else have this problem. I want to play it so bad but constantly driving to get a new copy to try is really frustrating.

  12. J
    Jeremy Miller

    I too have had the same problem with SOW as far as updates go. After an update is finished, I’m unable to connect to my previous game. I have been forced not once, not twice, but THREE times to start a new game… this last time i almost finished the Shadow Wars and was a level 55, and then after yet another update, my game was lost. I tried everything to fix this, nothing works… you can forget about getting any technical support BTW i have received no help whatsoever after multiple messages sent. In spite of all that, I FINALLY FOUND THE SOLUTION TO THIS PROBLEM! Throw your game in the garbage can and buy COD WWII.

  13. J

    When I go into the arena to fight the champion I kill three captains and continue to kill over 300- 400 other men and it just keeps going what is wrong. I installed the game and updated the file to version 1.08 but nothing seems to work

    1. K

      I’m having the same problem. Any solution?

  14. P
    Padraig mc Guinness

    Have trouble loading on the 5 stage of the shadow wars. I enter the mission and it just keeps loading!!! Have tried shutting down the game and starting the game game again but the same thing happens. Is there any way to fix this problem????

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