Monster Hunter Rise Buff Body Quest & Armor

The Monster Hunter Rise Buff Body quest and armor has been one of the topics of discussion among the player base since the new content dropped. Namely, they can’t seem to find it. Well, we’re here to try and clear the situation up in this guide. We’ll give you all the information we have at the moment.

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monster hunter rise buff body quest & armor
Monster Hunter Rise Buff Body Quest & Armor

Buff Body Quest and Armor in Monster Hunter Rise

The fact of the matter is that the Buff Body quest and armor is not yet in Monster Hunter Rise. According to the official press release from Capcom (via Gematsu): “More Event Quests are also on the way, offering various rewards including poses, the Bloodmalice Layered Armor, the Buff Body Layered Armor, and even Lagombi Ears.” So, you’ll most likely have to wait for a bit longer for those quests become available in order to earn the Buff Body armor. We’ll be sure to add more information as it becomes available. Unfortunately, at time of writing, Capcom hasn’t shared anything about that whatsoever. That said, there’s plenty of other stuff to do while you wait.

For example, before the Monster Hunter Rise Buff Body quest and armor, you should definitely check out the new Anomaly Quests, for which you’ll earn exclusive rewards for completing. Only creatures you’ve defeated in quests will appear as these new afflicted creatures. There’s also two Risen elder dragons that you’ll face off against in these quests, with the level cap set at 300. Once you hit the maximum level, you can participate in Special Investigations (only once each). These activities will be incredibly difficult and dangerous, and will not reward you with luxurious items or extra quests. All you’ll get is a special Badge of Heroes. Is it worth the trouble? Well, only the highest-level MHR players will have to make these decisions. Good luck!

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