MHR Sunbreak Amatsu Guide

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak recently received its latest update. Apart from the usual assortment of bug fixes and balance changes, it has also added quite a bit of new content to the game as well. Of course, what would an MHR update be without new monsters? One of these is the Amatsu. A particularly powerful Elder Dragon, it is both massive in size and has the ability to control the weather and inflict potent attacks with its powers. In order to be able to defeat it, you will need to know its weakness and attack patterns. We are going to explain both of these in our MHR Sunbreak Amatsu Guide.

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MHR Sunbreak Amatsu Guide
MHR Sunbreak Amatsu Guide

MHR Sunbreak Amatsu Weakness

In MHR Sunbreak, Amatsu is particularly weak to Fire and Blast-type damage. Meaning – bring Fire and Dragon weapons for this encounter. As for weak spots, its head and tail are where you can inflict the most damage to it, so you should try and aim for these places when attacking it. It is also vulnerable to Flash Bombs, so you can use these to distract it if you find yourselves in a tough spot during the battle.

How to Beat Amatsu in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

Even armed with the knowledge of its weaknesses, get ready for a very difficult battle against Amatsu. The first important tip here is to pay close attention to Amatsu when it starts gathering up storm clouds around it. This means that it is getting ready to launch a massive AoE attack, which can potentially one-shot you. Not getting caught up in it is by far the most crucial thing here. To dodge it, use Great Wirebugs to lift yourselves up into the air and wait out until this attack is over. Next, make sure that you are using canons and restraining ballistae around it. These can not just damage it, but also cause it to stagger and cancel some of its attacks.

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