MHR Sunbreak Awegite Locations

Knowing where the MHR Sunbreak Awegite locations are is going to be pretty important as you make your way through the DLC, especially in the later stages. The material is necessary for crafting certain higher-level items, after all. That’s why, in this guide, we’ll show you where to find Awegite Ore locations in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak.

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mhr sunbreak awegite locations
MHR Sunbreak Awegite Locations

Where to Find Awegite in MHR Sunbreak

To find the Awegite Ore locations in MHR Sunbreak, or Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak, you actually have to look for it in the Secret Ruins area. Yes, the material is not actually in one of the new areas that the DLC has added. Instead, you’ll have to scour the dozen or so mining outcrops in the Secret Ruins. We’ve marked a few of the more “giving” ones in the screenshot below, but there are three more in the north and one in the south. Basically, just open the map, see where the mining outcrops are, and then go and visit them all. It will probably take quite a lot of grinding, sadly, but at least you know where to go.

where to find awegite locations in mhr sunbreak
Awegite locations (click to zoom in)

See, the problem with the MHR Sunbreak Awegite Ore locations being primarily mining outcrops is that the material itself is on the rare side; Rarity 8, to be exact. This means that it drops significantly less often than other materials. So, you should plan runs where you just go around and visit every outcrop and hope you get some Awegite. Just be sure to go on Master Rank Expeditions instead of actual hunts. The nodes respawn relatively quickly, fortunately, so you can conceivably run through all of them, collect what you can, the go back to the main camp and do it all over until you have as much of the ore as you need. That said, you can also earn some Awegite from the Uninvited Guest and Reap What You Sow one-star Master Rank quests.

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