Monster Hunter Rise Weapons List

Weapons in Monster Hunter Rise are one of the most important aspects of the game. After all, they are all that stands between you and a hideous, gaping maw of teeth that are bigger than your character. So, what weapons can you expect to see in MH Rise? What are some of the best weapons you can get in the game? Well, we’ll be covering that and more in our Monster Hunter Rise Weapons List guide.

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monster hunter rise weapons list
Monster Hunter Rise Weapons List

Weapons List in Monster Hunter Rise

The Monster Hunter Rise weapons list, sadly, doesn’t include any exciting novelties or anything. In fact, the tools of your trade are going to be the same as in the previous entry. However, the devs have added some new moves for them, so that’s cool. You can look forward to a grand total of fourteen weapons, each of them with their own little quirks. In the list below, you’ll see which arms you can expect to see.

  • Great Sword
  • Long Sword
  • Hunting Horn
  • Sword and Shield
  • Dual Blades
  • Switch Axe
  • Hammer
  • Heavy Bowgun
  • Light Bowgun
  • Charge Blade
  • Lance
  • Gunlance
  • Bow
  • Insect Glaive

Are there going to be more weapons down the line? Well, maybe, but the devs haven’t mentioned anything about such a possibility. In short, I wouldn’t hold my breath. Which of these weapons are the best ones, though? Well, let’s discuss.

Best Tier Monster Hunter Rise Weapons

The best Monster Hunter Rise tier weapons will largely depend on your personal preferences, to be honest. There’s no wrong way to play the game, not really. However, based on the statistics shared by the developers, three weapons seem to rise above the others into what we could call the S-tier. These are the Long Sword, Great Sword, and Hunting Horn. Is this going to change after post-launch? Well, that’s certainly a possibility, but for now, we’re gonna be working with what we’ve got. So, let’s take a closer look at the most popular weapons, at time of writing.

Monster Hunter Rise Great Sword

The Great Sword in the new Monster Hunter is very slow, but incredibly powerful. You need to balance between sheathing the weapon to get some movement speed, and attacking whenever you get an opening. There are two new moves for this weapon, as far as we know. Said moves include:

  • Hunting Edge (ZL + X) – Silkbind attack that launches you upward while charging the Great Sword.
  • Power Sheathe (ZL + A) – Silkbind attack that increases the damage of the next sheathing attack.
  • Adamant Charged Slash – Can be switched out with Hunting Edge. Uses wirebug to dash forward and release a Strong Charged Slash. You can withstand knockdown attacks while performing this move.

Long Sword in Monster Hunter Rise

The Long Sword Monster Hunter Rise weapon is all about playing aggressively and counterattacking whenever you have the opportunity. Keep the gauge red, dodge or counter attacks, and stay on the offensive as much as possible. Here are the new moves we know of at the moment:

  • Soaring Kick (ZL + X) – Silkbind attack that kicks upwards, then connects into Plunging Thrust.
  • Serene Pose (ZL + A) – Silkbind attack that scatters wirebugs in front of you. Any enemy attack will be countered automatically.
  • Silkbind Sakura Slash – Can be switched out with Soaring Kick, and is basically a spinning kind of attack. Lands multiple hits, and grants 1 Spirit Gauge on landing.

Monster Hunter Rise Hunting Horn

The Hunting Horn weapon in Monster Hunter Rise is a bizarre piece of equipment meant solely for those that like to play bards. Basically, it lets you both attack monsters and grant buffs to teammates. Plus, it looks so ridiculous, it rounds the corner straight into awesome. Anyways, here’s a list of the new moves.

  • Magnificent Trio (ZR + X) – Plays three Hunting Horn notes at once. Allows you to use effects of all stored notes.
  • Slide Beat (ZL + X) – Silkbind attack that includes a leap forward.
  • Infernal Melody – Hit ZR after you fill the gauge and after you’ve executed Magnificent Trio or Slide Beat.
  • Earthshaker (ZL + A) – Silkbind attacks that attaches Ironsilk to a blade, driving it into the monster. Then, use the horn to smash sonic waves into the skewered body part.
  • Bead of Resonance – Silkbind Attack that you can switch with Earthshaker. Creates a wirebug cocoon which duplicates the effects you play on the horn. Allows you to buff teammates from a distance. Also creates sonic wave, damaging enemies that come too close.

Monster Hunter Rise Weapon Controls

The weapon controls in Monster Hunter Rise vary depending on the weapon that you’re using. By that, I mean ranged weapons are not going to work the same as melee ones. That said, there schemes are definitely relatively similar between the same weapon types. In the image below, you’ll see the full list of individual moves for every weapon, including their alternate forms.

weapon controls monster hunter world
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