Monster Hunter World Elder Dragon Tracks Locations

Investigate The Three Elder Dragon Tracks is one of the main quests in Monster Hunter World. It appears near the end of the game, and it will task you with exploring three areas, searching for tracks. They can be pretty tough to find, which is why we’ve decided to write a guide with Monster Hunter World Elder Dragon track locations in Ancient Forest, Wildspire Waste and Rotten Vale.

It seems like the track placement isn’t set in stone – you might find them several feet away from where we did. In any case, when you’re near them, a swarm of blue glowbugs will lead you towards your destination.

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Search the Ancient Forest for tracks

We found the tracks in sectors 1, 4, 6 and 8. They appeared as either footprints, or marks of a scuffle. Once we’ve investigated them all, we ended the expedition. After we returned, the tracks were again available for investigating, progressing the tracker again.

Search the Wildspire Waste for tracks

The tracks we found in Wildspire Waste were in sectors 6 and 8. We discovered the expected footprints, as well as bunches of seared fur. We had to teleport away from the map and back several times, since one expedition wasn’t enough.

Search the Rotten Vale for tracks

Rotten Vale was by far the most bountiful one for us. We found elder dragon tracks in the form of footprints and tainted meat in sectors 3, 9, 10, 12 and 14. If your luck ends up being worse, don’t fret – you can just end the expedition, then return right away and the tracks will respawn.

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  1. C

    number 3 in wildspire waste also has seared fur

  2. J

    You can find traces in Coral Highlands Sector 12

  3. R

    You can always take on a high rank quest in each area
    The bar will be filled up even if you don’t find any of the tracks

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