MHW Iceborne Monster Slogbone & Solidbone Locations

Monster slogbone & solidbone are new crafting materials in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne. They can be used to craft various armor pieces, and you’re probably wondering how to get them. MHW can get confusing when it comes to bones – there are too many types, and several ways to obtain them. If you’re stuck trying to get more of these, our MHW Iceborne Monster Slogbone & Solidbone locations guide will help you.

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mhw iceborne monster solidbone slogbone locations
MHW Iceborne Monster Slogbone & Solidbone Locations

Where to find monster solidbone & slogbone?

These two types of bone are only available as monster drops. You won’t find them at bone piles, which means you’ll have to hunt in order to get them. Farming them won’t be easy, since killing monsters takes a fair while. If you want the monster slogbone, you should hunt the Tigrex. It’s the only beast that drops it. You can get it from the Odoragon, Barioth, Tigrex, Glavenus and Nargacuga. If you need the monster solidbone, you should go after the Brute Tigrex or the Acidic Glavenus.

Once you’ve reached the required master rank to start hunting the Tigrex, you’ll be able to find them on all the maps. It’s a wyvern, one that’s resistant to fire but pretty weak to thunder. Make sure you come equipped with a decently electrical weapon. Dragon weapons are second best here – they’ll work better than ice or water. The Tigrex can inflict waterblight and iceblight on his enemies, which makes running away nigh on impossible. Make sure you keep your distance whenever possible, especially when you see him prepare to cast any of the two.

Since you’re going to be repeating these battles a lot of times, there are two approaches you could take. If you’ve beefed up your character, you could try soloing the fight in order to increase your unity level with whichever tribe is local. If not, make sure you team up with as many people as possible.



  1. K

    The wiki is not completely up to date. You can get the slogbone from other master rank monsters such as odogaron and barioth (not sure of all of them that give it), but I’ve gotten quite a few slogbones for updgrading and havent yet seen a tigrex. I assume the same will be true for solidbone’s but haven’t personally come across those yet either

    1. K

      Thanks for the info, I’ve updated the article.

  2. A

    Completely incorrect. Slogbones show up as early as Barioth and I assume it applies the same for other M3+ monsters.

    1. K

      Thanks for the heads-up, I’ve updated the guide.

  3. N

    I got one as a reward from a Legiana.

  4. S

    Brute Tigrex may drop Monster Solidbones ,but it is an unannounced Endgame Monster ,so that I would remove that part.(I got spoiled through this article.)

  5. D

    I only started getting Solidbones from Fulgur Anjanath only after the 1st assigned F. Anga quest (after fighting Shrieking Legiana in storymode). It still does not drop Solidbone on expeditions even after that…so far.

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