MHW Iceborne Room Customization - Decorations & Furniture

Room customization is a new feature in Monster Hunter World. It was added in the Iceborne expansion, and it can only be done in the Selena hub. It allows you to change the decor of your quarters by changing the furniture and decorations. If you’re wondering how it works, and how to get new decor, this guide will tell you everything you need to know about MHW Iceborne room customization.

mhw iceborne room customization decorations furniture
MHW Iceborne Room Customization – Decorations & Furniture

How to change room decor?

It’s pretty simple. Talk to your housekeeper – the option at the top is called room customization. Once you select it, you can either use the recommended layouts to redecorate the entire room using a prefab setting, or change stuff one by one. The basic settings include the room’s theme, wallpaper, floor and lights. Once you’ve set those up, you can manually change all the props on a certain floor. The first floor includes the main table (with chairs and a meal), a sofa, a bed, a shelf and some rugs.

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mhw room customization

As you progress through the main story, you’ll unlock more furniture slots and customization options. For instance, you’ll get to change the materials and patterns on the decorations.

How to unlock decorations and furniture?

Progressing through the story is one way of getting new decor for your room. However, you shouldn’t forget about bounties. Some of them will reward you with fancy furniture, so make sure you stay on top of them. If we discover any other ways to obtain new furniture, we’ll update this guide.

Deluxe edition room decor set – Traditional Room

Everyone who bought the deluxe edition of Iceborne got, among other things, a set of decorations for their quarters. If you’re not one to splurge on special editions, here’s how the Traditional Room set looks, along with all the items it includes.

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