Monster Hunter World Iceborne Video Shows Off Old Everwyrm

There’s a new video for Iceborne, the upcoming expansion for Monster Hunter World. It focuses on the Old Everwyrm, the new dragon enemy from the frosty region we’ll get to explore. Since it’s four minutes long, it also takes the time to introduce some of the main characters, show off a bunch of pretty locales and give us a glimpse of some of the new beasts we’ll get to hunt. By today’s standards, it’s practically overflowing with information.

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monster hunter world iceborne old everwyrm trailer
Monster Hunter World Iceborne Video Shows Off Old Everwyrm

Apparently, the everwyrm is a pretty big deal. It’s a nasty monster that has the power to destroy entire ecosystems on a whim. You can see why the hunters are so keen on taking it down. It spreads eternal winter wherever it goes, so you’ll have to dress appropriately. But that’s not all there is to it. There’s also the story of an old lady finding a wrecked ship she recognizes from her youth, back in the Old World. She’ll lead you on an adventure of her own, trying to find out what happened to the captain of the ship and how he ended up in the frozen wasteland.

After the brief story sequences are over, there’s a bunch of new gameplay footage. Hunters taking on ice dragons, loading up their fancy dragon-downing cannons, dodging dangerous tail whips, chunks of ice flying all around… It’s exciting stuff. The trailer also shows a handful of new beasts. I’m no expert, but some of them do seem like reskins of monsters we’ve already seen in the base game. The video shows off their moves and native biomes, so I’m guessing anyone with more experience will be able to figure them out just by looking. The saber-tooth tiger dragon is definitely new, though. I would’ve remembered that one.

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