Monster Hunter World Palico Gadgets Locations

Palico gadgets are items your Felyne friend can use in Monster Hunter World. There are six of them, and you’ll only have one when you start the game. You can get the rest by helping tribes of wild Palico across the world. Since they’re pretty hard to find, and the game won’t nudge you towards them, many players don’t even know about these. We used to think Vigorwasp Spray was the only one. That’s why we’ve written this guide, to help anyone interested in collecting Monster Hunter World Palico gadgets.

monster hunter world palico gadgets locations
Monster Hunter World Palico Gadgets Locations

Flashfly Cage – Ancient Forest Palico Gadget

The flashfly cage is a trap that stuns all monsters in a radius. Its effectiveness depends on the type of bug you use. It can be upgraded through use, which increases the duration of the stun.

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In order to get it, you’ll have to complete a Grimalkyne quest in the Ancient Forest. You’ll find the wild Palico in sector 17, west of the camp. Once you encounter them, they will be marked on the map – use the Traps & Environment filter to see them more clearly. They will try to escape – follow them, and they will lead you to their camp. When you talk to them there, they’ll give you the gadget and let you join the Bugtrappers.

Shieldspire – Wildspire Waste Palico Gadget

The shieldspire is a large shield that provides defensive buffs, but it can also be used to divert attention from you onto your Palico. It is upgraded through use, which increases its guard effectiveness.

You can get it by finishing a Grimalkyne quest in the Wildspire Waste. Go to sector 8 and jump into the hole by the northern cliff. You’ll end up in sector 15. Crawl through the tunnel by the brightmoss node and you’ll end up in the northernmost chamber. The Grimalkyne will ask you to find his three friends and bring them back. They don’t trust humans, so you’ll have to capture them with the net. You Palico will mark them on your map (use the Traps/Environmental filter). Keep in mind you’ll have to sneak up on them – the Ghillie Mantle won’t help you here.

Coral Orchestra – Coral Highlands Palico Gadget

The coral orchestra is a horn your Palico can play. It provides various buffs, like boosting your attack, defence or a particular type of resistance. The more you use it, the greater those effects will be.

You’ll get it by helping the Grimalkyne of the Coral Highlands. You’ll find the lynx-person in the northeastern corner of sector 11. Talk to them, and they’ll ask you to hunt down two Tzitzi-Ya-Ku. You’ll have to travel back to Aster and activate the Troubled Troupers four-star quest on the notice board. Once you’ve defeated the two monsters, you’ll get the gadget.

Plunderblade – Rotten Vale Palico Gadget

The plunderblade is a special claw that allows your Palico to steal items from monsters when attacking. The number of stolen items will increase as you level it up through use.

To get it, you’ll have to help the Grimalkyne of Rotten Vale. Set off on an expedition to Rotten Vale, but only if the Lynian Researcher is present – check the lower right corner of the map to see whether he’s there. Find him west of the camp in sector 11, and he’ll send you off to follow the glowflies. They’ll take you to a Grimalkyne in sector 15, who’ll escape as soon as they notice you. Put down some food (we used raw meat), then hide. They’ll come out from hiding and call their friends to the feast. Talk to them to get the plunderblade.

Meowlotov Cocktail – Elder’s Recess Palico Gadget

The meowlotov cocktail is a bomb, as you can imagine. It deals damage. It is the single most underwhelming piece of Palico gear. Using it often will increase its damage output.

To get it, you’ll need to speak to the Lynian Researcher after you’ve obtained all the others. He’ll be near the notice board at Astera. He’ll ask you to find 10 Gajalaka doodles. They can be found in all areas – the best way to find them is to use the Small Monster map filter and look for groups of Gajalaka. The doodles are always near them. Once you’ve found all ten, talk to the researcher again. He’ll ask you to meet him at Elder’s Recess at night – he’ll be in sector 8. When you get there, use the Ghillie Mantle to sneak into the cave. After you speak with the Gajalaka Knight, you’ll get the gadget.

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