Monster Hunter World Paralysis & Omniplegia Sac Locations

Paralysis and omniplegia sacs are animal parts in Monster Hunter World. They’re used for crafting and upgrading certain weapons and armor. They are obtained from the same monsters – one is a low rank drop, while the other replaces it in high rank. A number of players seem to be having problems with these items, which is why we’re going to show you some Monster Hunter World paralysis & omniplegia sac locations in this guide.

monster hunter world paralysis omniplegia sac
Monster Hunter World Paralysis & Omniplegia Sac Locations

How to get paralysis sac?

In order to get a paralysis sac, you’ll need to hunt a Great Girros (low rank). This sneaky lizard lives in the Rotten Vale, feedin on whatever drops down there from the Coral Highlands. It’s a speedy beast, and always comes with a pack of smaller specimens. It would be best to fight it with water, ice or fire. Try to avoid its spitting attack, as it can paralyze you.

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How to obtain omniplegia sac?

The omniplegia sac is the improved version of the paralysis sac. You can get it from the high rank version of the Great Girros. Same rules apply as above – use water, ice and fire to defeat it, and don’t let it spit on you. If you’re having trouble finding it, look for an investigation or an SOS request.

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