Monster Hunter World Quests, Bounties, Investigations & Daily Bonuses

Monster Hunter World is an open world RPG, and as such, it’s filled to the brim with various activities. There’s never a dull moment in the life of a hunter, thanks to a plethora of quests, bounties, investigations and other tasks. They’re not all mandatory, but if you want to stray off the beaten path, the game will do its best to keep you occupied. A recent preview event gave us a glimpse of all the different stuff you’ll be able to do in MWH, so we’ve prepared a breakdown.

monster hunter world quests bounties investigations daily bonuses
Monster Hunter World Quests, Bounties, Investigations & Daily Bonuses

All of the activities are started in the Resource Center, which is like the hunter HQ. Talk to the NPCs there to either pick up new quests, or turn in the ones you’ve completed. Everything can be tackled both solo and with friends, and the game will scale the challenge accordingly.

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Assigned Quests

Assigned quests are the equivalent of key quests from previous games. They form the main story, and you’ll need to complete them in order to beat the game. They’re nested in a separate menu, so you won’t need to guess which ones are important. You’ll be able to replay each one if you require a specific resource.

Optional Quests

Optional quests are the ones that aren’t mandatory. They include bounties, investigations, deliveries, arena and egg quests, and more. Bounties are minor, grindy quests, like asking you to kill a certain number of enemies or collect a certain amount of items. They’re supposed to be slowly completed while doing other things. Investigations are traditional hunting quests, like the main ones, but they can be skipped.

Deliveries are all about helping out civilians by getting them something they need – they’re basically the same as bounties, but wrapped in a different skin. Arena quests will require you to fight monsters using predetermined gear, with specific conditions. Their rewardsw are based on completion times. Egg quests are about stealing an egg from a nest and taking it back to the hub – but without the ability to jump or use weapons. Getting hit will make you drop the egg and fail the quest.

Daily bonuses

These are much like what many MMOs and multiplayer games do. You’ll get a little gift each day – all you need to do is log in and claim it. It’s nothing special – some boosters, crafting items or consumables – but they add up, and you really don’t need more than two minutes a day to get them.

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