Monster Hunter World & Resident Evil 2 Crossover Event Announced

In what I consider to be the best crossover idea ever, Resident Evil 2 is coming to Monster Hunter World Iceborne this February. There is no set release date as of writing this article. It is going to include some truly off-the-wall stuff, like the Tofu (yes, officer Tofu) pendant and turning your handler into Mr. X.

Monster Hunter World & Resident Evil 2 Crossover Event Announced
Monster Hunter World & Resident Evil 2 Crossover Event Announced

So, what exactly can you expect in the Monster Hunter World / Resident Evil 2 crossover? Well, for one, there will be a brand new special quest, during which you’ll be turned into a zombie. You’ll be fighting a Blackveil Vaal Hazak, and you’ll earn badges for completing the mission, used to craft Resident Evil 2-themed gear. Last, but certainly not the least, you can get the Leon and Claire armor sets. You know, you have to look the part, after all.

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And then, of course, there’s the fabled Mr. X. You’d expect that he might be one of the titular monsters that you’ll hunt. Oh, no. They got so much more bizarre with it. As it turns out, Mr. X will actually be the new look of your handler. That’s not the best part, either; the best part is that only the looks are different; the animations and presumably voice lines remain the same. It is some of the funniest nonsense I’ve seen in my life, especially if you’re wearing Leon or Claire armor.

But my absolutely favorite bit is one of the pendants that you can get, along with other stuff, like decorations and gestures. You can see it at the very end of the trailer below. It’s non other than the sentient chunk of tofu that’s also a police person, because Resident Evil 2 can get really weird. It talks in the trailer, and I hope to heaven that it does in the game, too.

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