Monster Hunter World Sinister Cloth Locations

Sinister Cloth is a five star rarity crafting item in Monster Hunter World. It’s extremely hard to obtain, and several high level Palico armor sets require a certain amount of it. We’ve only found one somewhat reliable source for it, and we’re going to share it with you in our Monster Hunter World sinister cloth locations guide.

monster hunter world sinister cloth locations
Monster Hunter World Sinister Cloth Locations

How to get sinister cloth in MHW?

The only source we’ve discovered so far are the Tailrider Safari missions – those expeditions you can send a team of deadly Palico warriors on. Simply talk to your housekeeper and pick a mission to send the Tailriders on it. In order to get sinister cloth, you need to target red card missions, with three or more stars. Even then, not all of them will reward you with the desired item. The ones we had luck with were the ones where they hunt a Barroth and a Great Jargas. Just make sure to check on the Safari after every quest – you’ll want to keep them busy at all times.

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If we discover another way of obtaining this elusive material, we’ll update the guide. In case you know something we don’t, feel free to share the knowledge in the comments.

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    i received one piece early game and have no idea how. I believe it was from ants?

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