Monster Hunter World Weapons Will Cater To All Play Styles

Monster Hunter will have fourteen distinct kinds of weapons, according to a series of videos posted on the official Youtube channel. Each category has specific pros and cons, which allows it cater to a different style of playing. There are various kinds of swords, short blades, glaives, hammers, bows and many others. The videos show them off in action, and offer short descriptions that should give you an idea of what they excel at.

monster hunter world weapons showcase
Monster Hunter World Weapons Will Cater To All Play Styles

The sword & shield combo is supposedly great for beginners, thanks to its versatility. It offers moderate protection, average damage and good mobility. You can even chug potions with your weapon drawn. The dual blades are a rogue’s choice – they’re quick and dirty. Chaining enough hits together will stun enemies, letting you do even more damage without fear of retribution. Great swords are what the series is best known for. They’re slow but devastating, and you can charge up your attacks for even more damage.

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Long swords are relatively quick, with great reach. They can chain more attacks into combos than other weapons. Hammers are another entry in the “ridiculously large” category. Of course, they can stun enemies, because getting hit in the head with a boulder stings no matter how tough you are. The hunting horn is a mix between a hammer and bagpipes – you can smash heads with it, but also play songs to buff your buddies.

Lances are great for keeping monsters at a distance, as they allow you to attack while keeping your guard up. The gunlance is where the game goes full anime – it’s a polearm with an attached firearm. The pointy part is used for doing damage, while the shells are mostly there to keep enemies at bay. The switch axe is great for soloing, as it can transform from an axe to a sword, changing from slow and powerful to quick and cautious in the blink of an eye.

Somewhat similar is the charge blade, which can be an axe, or a sword with a shield. While in the latter form, it accumulates energy which can be unleashed when you transform it into an axe. The insect glaive is a polearm used mostly for aerial attacks, and it comes paired with a kinsect.

There isn’t much to say about bows – they work exactly as you’d expect them to, with the added benefit of the ability to coat your arrows with nasty stuff. The light bowgun, on the other hand, is a mix between a rifle and a crossbow. It’s fast, has a long range and allows you to forego aiming. The heavy bowgun looks similar, but it’s actually a type of heavy artillery – slow and powerful. If you want to see them all in action, check out the playlist yourself.

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