Monster Hunter World Wyvern Egg Location - Gettin' Yolked in The Forest

Gettin’ Yolked in The Forest is a delivery quest in Monster Hunter World. It takes places in the Ancient Forest, and requires players to bring two wyvern eggs from a nest to a chest in the allotted time. It’s a troubling one, and many players can’t seem to find the nest in question. No worries – our guide will show you the Monster Hunter World wyvern egg location, and help you complete the quest.

monster hunter world wyvern egg gettin yolked in the forest
Monster Hunter World Wyvern Egg Location – Gettin’ Yolked in The Forest

Where to find Wyvern Egg in MHW?

Before you take on the quest, make sure you’ve unlocked all the camps in the Ancient Forest. Then, when you start the mission, choose to spawn at the Ancient Forest Camp, in sector 17. The nest is in sector 16, south of the camp. The shorter route will take you there, but you won’t be able to take it back, since there’s a section where you need to crawl.

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Once you grab the egg from the nest, an angry Rathian will appear. It will chase you around, trying to stop you from stealing the eggs. You’ll need to take the longer route now, and avoid the attacks of the raging Rathian. There’s a cheap trick that can help you here – use the Ghillie suit. The monster won’t see you even when it flies directly above your head. Once you’re in the camp, place the egg in the item box to proceed.

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