MHW Zorah Layered Armor Set - How to Unlock

Zorah layered armor set is one of the new outfits in Monster Hunter World. It’s the first of the elder dragon layered armors added during the winter season. It’ll allow you to reskin your actual armor and make it look like the Zorah Magdaros set. In order to get it, you’ll have to unlock the option to buy it at the Smithy, and gather enough crafting materials to produce it. This guide is going to show you how to unlock Zorah layered armor in Monster Hunter World, as well as where to find the required materials.

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mhw zorah layered armor how to unlock
MHW Zorah Layered Armor Set – How to Unlock

How to unlock Zorah Magdaros layered armor?

As far as we can tell, the Zorah layered armor will only appear at the blacksmith’s shop after you’ve collected the required materials. Thankfully, we know what they area. In order to craft this outfit, you’ll need Magma Crystals, Conqueror’s Seals and Elder Dragonvein Bones. You can get the crystals from the mining outcrops in the volcanic region of the Guiding Lands. The seasl are rewards for optional elder dragon hunts. To get the bones, you’ll have to hunt elder dragons in the Guiding Lands.

Once you’ve got all three, the option to purchase the set should appear at the smithy. Once you have it, you’ll be able to reskin your armor with the Zorah set. If we’re being honest, the Zorah set’s biggest draw is the look. The female version makes you look like a princess riding into battle, with a metal dress and a jagged tiara. If you’re not keen on using blast in your loadout, the fancy look was what you’d pick the Zorah set for. Well now you can have that with none of the drawbacks, which is a pretty great deal, I would say.

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