Bannerlord Bandits Hideouts Tips

Bandit hideouts are a type of location in Mount & Blade 2 Bannerlord. You’ll encounter one during the dragon banner collecting quest in the main story. They’re hovels populated by bandits – that much is obvious. In order to clear them, you’ll have to murder everyone inside. The problem is that you can only bring a handful of troops with you, and you’ll be greatly outnumbered most of the time. Thankfully, there are ways to turn the tides, and we’re going to show you some of them in our Bannerlord bandits hideouts tips guide.

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bannerlord bandits hideouts tips
Bannerlord Bandits Hideouts Tips

How to bring your best troops?

When you wait until nightfall to infiltrate the hideout, you’ll only bring eight troops with you. The game just grabs the first eight units from the top of your party screen. You’ll want to bring your best soldiers to these outings, so just drag them to the top of the list before you engage.

How to clear bandit hideout?

The hideouts are hideously unbalanced right now, and you’ll have to engage in some cheesy behaviour to clear them out. Here’s what we recommend:

  • Lower your difficulty setting to easy or very easy. Seriously.
  • Bandits will usually be scattered in groups – engage these one by one.
  • Use a big shield – it will effectively protect you from projectiles like arrows and javelins.
  • If there’s too many of them, you could wait outside for a raiding party to leave, then attack. You can deal with the raiding party out in the open.
  • Kill some, then retreat. Once you attack again, the ones you already killed won’t respawn. You can retreat by standing in the red area for 10 seconds.
  • If you’re using a ranged weapon, make sure you switch it before engaging the boss. Once the duel starts, you’ll want to be ready to fight immediately.



  1. S

    This is simply untrue. The troops that get picked for me are not only the ones at the top. My companions are always picked no matter what and then it begin from the top of the list. You must have not played it past the point of getting another companion after your brother leaves you.

  2. G

    Yes it brings your companions first then in order the troops from the top, so I kicked my other 2 companions (i had 3) and left the skilled one, gave him equipment (now she’s a badass armored and shielded girl). Still it’s very difficult but if you stick with the retreat technique you should do it! Sometimes if you take a trip around the map (yeah it’s not very profitable if you have a 45+ army eating and using tons of money daily) the bandits will just leave just 5 troops inside

  3. M
    Michael Sneed

    exiting and coming back in no longer is a valid method.

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