Bannerlord How to Get Fief

Mount & Blade 2 Bannerlord fiefs are castles, villages, and towns you can get by becoming a vassal and prove your worth to your lord and kingdom. To do get your fief in Mount & Blade 2 Bannerlord, you’ll have to jump through a bunch of hoops, and there are two ways of doing so. And even then, you’re gonna have to manage your fief properly. So, in our Bannerlord How to Get Fief guide, we’ll show you some of the basics of how to obtain a fief and how to run it. Mind you, this isn’t a guide on how to get a kingdom of your own; for that, check out our How to Get Kingdom in Bannerlord guide.

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Bannerlord How to Get Fief
Bannerlord How to Get Fief

How to Get Fief in Mount & Blade 2 Bannerlord?

To get a fief in Mount & Blade 2 Bannerlord, you first have to become a vassal of a more powerful lord. To do that, you first have to reach Clan Tier Level 2. Then, choose the kingdom that you want to pledge allegiance to and find their leader. You might have to look for them on the map, but the game will tell you where they were last seen on the kingdom leader page. Speak to the leader and tell them that you want to be their loyal follower (don’t become a mercenary).

Now, you have to ways you can get the fief. The first one is to be a part of the castle siege. After the castle falls, you’ll have a chance to be awarded the fief. The higher your influence, the better your chances of this happening. The second way is to get voted into a fief. The higher your renown within your kingdom, the better your odds that the other lords will vote for you to get the fief. And, speaking if influence and renown…

How to Get Voted into Mount & Blade 2 Bannerlord Fief – Effect of Relationships?

To get voted into a Fief in Bannerlord, you have to increase your influence and renown in the kingdom. Your individual friendships with different leaders within your kingdom, and your relationships with clans do not seem to impact the voting process; at least, not as far as we can tell. What counts instead are the actions you do for your kingdom, as it were. You basically have to show that you’re a competent leader.

How do you do that? Well, you have to take part in battles and win them. This is a pretty good way of boosting your standing. Also, clearing out bandit hideouts is going to make the surrounding settlements like you more. Also, completing quests for people in your kingdom is highly recommended, as is joining lords on their patrols etc. So, yeah, either way it happens for you, you’ll have to be very patient and go through a whole lot of war.

How to Increase Fief Food, Loyalty, Morale in Bannerlord?

To increase food production in your fief in Bannerlord, you have to upgrade your granary to at least level 3 as soon as possible. It also increases through village production, caravans in towns, Irrigation Daily Default, a Hunting Rights policy, etc. Your amount of food will decrease with decreased prosperity, if you have a garrison (which you have to have), or if you’re under siege, of course.

As for loyalty and morale, you can increase it by appointing a governor from the same culture, enabling the Festival and Games Daily Default, increasing overall security, and enacting reasonable policies. Among them are the likes of Trial by Jury, Tribunes of People, Forgiveness of Debt, Citizenship, Grazing Rights, etc.

Conversely, if you appoint a governor from a different culture, not enough food, or your villages are getting looted, if you’re enacting unreasonable policies etc, you’re loyalty and morale are gonna go down. So, in short, just use your head and rule your fief reasonably; you shouldn’t have too many problems if you do that.

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  1. M

    i have a good relation with my king as vassal , 15+. over 1k influence and even if i create an army and conquer lot of town/castle they wont give me anymore castle (i have 1 castle and 1 town ) or town no matter if i vote to change the settlement to me for 400 influence! even if i capture it myself im not even on the choice to receive it ? is that possible that my king think that i have enough settlement ? the prosperity of my town / castle are +7 for my city and +2 for my castle ! why is there no way i can receive anymore castle ?

    1. G

      I have the same issue. I helped take 2 castles pretty early on in my vassaldom. I was given both with majority support. After that I helped take and even singlehandedly took several nearby enemy castles and towns and have been given none of them; havent even been in the choosing for them. Even so far as to be given to a brand new vassal with very little renown within the kingdom over me who has 60+ relation with the ruler and several other vassals and one of the highest renown in the kingdom. In fact new taken cities almost exclusively go to the newest vassals in the kingdom. I think the idea is so that vassals who have no land can have land. Problem is I have no cities. Just two castles. Which make zilch for money

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