NBA 2K18 How to Get Dimer Badge

NBA 2K18 Dimer Badge is one of the most useful badges that you can get in the game. It requires you to complete a significant number of assists, but it’s worth the grind. You can get it by playing Pro Am, MyCareer or in the Park. Whatever you choose, you’ll have to be quick and precise. This guide will explain how to get Dimer Badge in NBA 2K18.

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NBA 2K18 How to Get Dimer Badge
NBA 2K18 How to Get Dimer Badge

How to Grind Dimer Badge Fast in NBA 2K18?

To get the Dimer Badge quickly, at least up to Bronze, the first thing to do is to set your difficulty to Pro. This will speed things up. Second, you can grind the Dimer Badge in Pro Am, MyCareer, or in Park Mode. It seems that each mode requires more grinding, with Pro Am requiring the least. Still, MyCareer is probably the best middle ground, though. The third and final important point is to find which player on your team can execute shots the best.

Now that all of that’s in place, the grind itself is fairly simple. Basically, all you need to do is to feed assists to your best shooter. Pick-and-rolls and pick-and-pops should work pretty well. Get your big guy to screen for you and pass to your best player to complete the action. If you prefer, you can also run all the way into the paint, and then find whoever you need outside for a three-point shot. However you want to do it, just keep spamming those assists as best you can.

That being said, be prepared for a pretty long grind. To get the Bronze Dimer badge, you’ll need 12.000 points. That’ll take about eighty-odd passes to get the numbers up there. The Silver requirement is 24.000 points. So, you know, strap in, it’s a long way.

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